Feb. 25th, 2012

solitaryriot: (Yunho)
There’s no such thing as an easy work. I believe that every profession has its excitement and its challenges. And maybe currently I’m facing one of the challenges right now *sigh* I just don’t understand how people in this field could be so selfish, ignorant and disrespectful. I mean, for one example, to keep coming in and out of the room during a thesis defense is IMPOLITE. More importantly, it was done by someone we ‘should’ respect for his position. Geez, I don’t get it why he’s still in that position. No offense, but I think there’s should be a regeneration.

Enough of the work’s rambling. Let the fangirl inside me pour what’s in her heart now. Last week I made a short trip to Bandung to catch The Horrors’ gig. I departed from Jakarta at 5 and arrived there at 8, straightly to the gig venue. The Horrors were OHHHHSOME. Their music, their energy, their sound, they’re all amazing! I’ve been following them even before they released their debut album, so it felt really great to have finally seen them live. It’s worth the exhausting trip :) [pssst, the morning after I went back to Jakarta so I didn’t have to skip the class that day. Wasn’t I a rock and roll lecturer? :p]

Still couldn’t grasp Big Bang’s new song, Blue. I like the MV from the first time but the song ... somehow I feel that the sound is too empty. On the other hand, I dig Miss A’s Touch. It’s pretty but sad, and the psychedelical MV is quite nice too. These girls can’t do no wrong, can they?

I have a vacation plan for April. Will tell ya the details later. One thing for sure is I’m hella excited because it’s the place I’ve never visited before! :D

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