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Jun. 11th, 2012 01:44 pm
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Just watched some clips from Tone Live Tour and there’s something inside me exploding. IT WAS SO AWESOME I FEEL LIKE WANT TO CRY. I’m so proud to witness how Yunho and Changmin have improved marvelously in term s of dancing and singing. They used to be known as the worst singer and the worst dancer in the group, but seeing them now, both of them performed amazingly on stage I’m so sure they were born to be up there!

There was so much energy on stage. You can feel it, it just flows out of every pore of theirs. They really enjoyed their songs, the dancers did a great job, and the band just added the right amount of rock atmosphere to the whole performance. How I wish I were there to see this huge awesomeness with my own eyes!

I’m totally impressed by Mirotic performance (and how Tohoshinki look goooood in that white outift that exposes their long legs). This song used to be sung by five members who have different range of vocals, so it’s kinda risky for Yunho and Changmin to perform it. But my God, they nailed it! With new choreography added, Mirotic finally has a new soul . I must say it’s as good as Mirotic in Secret Code Tour, though in a more rocking way.

Other performances that have stolen my heart are Superstar and I Think U Know. Superstar has never been my favourite (dunno why) but the live performance was beyond my expectation. The record version is so dance-y and electronic so I thought it would be difficult for the band to perform it. But glad I was wrong! When the intro came in, the crowd went whoaaa. The bass-line gave the perfect beat to the song, and yes, the band pulled it off. Such a great job, guys :D! Meanwhile, I Think U Know was hella fun! You can it see from the way Yunho and Changmin kept head-banging and thumping their feet. I love it when my boys act like rock stars on stage <3 <3 <3 And when they slided down through the pole? Sexy.

Now I really need the DVD so I can just spazz properly (as if there’s a way to do that lol)! I wanna see my boys shaking Tokyo Dome, I wanna see the grand stage, and I wanna feel this indescribable sensation of watching one great concert in 2012.

Tohoshinki, seriously, what have you done to my hearrrrrrrrt?
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The show is finally over in such a grand way. Yes, the last day of Super Show 4 Indonesia has ended, and it leaves me with mixed emotion. It’s given me such beautiful and touching memories. I can still recall our feelings when the rumour of the show spread out. We were extremely nervous and excited. Also during the chaotic ticket selling day which basically drained out our energy, anger and tears. Somehow all of these will be memorable.

On day 3 of SS4 INA, my friends and I bought the Junior VIP tribune tickets. If in Super Box we could happily witness Super Junior frolicking around right in front of us, this time we could see almost the whole stage. Note the word ‘almost’ since we couldn’t see the boys when they were moving to the frontest part of stage. However, from our position the magnificent big screen and lighting were clearly seen, which gave me a big awe.

If the first day was full of joy and happiness, the finale was more moving for me, knowing that the curtain would be closed and the magical weekend would end soon. The boys were still playful as ever, but in several occasions you could see how they were touched by the warm appreciation from the crowd. It was obvious how Eunhyuk and Shindong were trying to hold back their tears. Sungmin, whom we know rarely showed his tears, seemed a bit teary-eyed. He even wrote in his cy-world how he was crying in his room :’)

The security was even stricter during the last day so I didn’t get any picture of the show. These are the highlights of the show though:

- Rokkugo was fun as always. Hearing the intro already made us excited, and the boys never fail to entertain us with this number :D

- Our Love was probably the most touching (see, I use this word a lot to describe the finale!) one during the whole performance. When the blue balloons and the confettis fell down from the ceiling, it’s just a wonderful sight to behold and there’s this wonderful emotion to feel.

- Oppa Oppa will forever makes me wanna move my body and go to the dance floor hahaha. Each day EunHae wore different suits, and on the last day they were wearing the signature mustard and ketchup suit :D

- Wookie was laughing during his solo! When the female dancer was standing in front of him, he just couldn’t surpress his laughter and almost didn’t sing his lyrics. Hahaha, this cute boy :D

- Somebody threw a monkey mask to the stage. I think it was Hae who wore it and tried to kiss Wookie with it. Or was it Siwon who wore it? Correct me if I’m wrong :) Another funny thing is when Shindong took Lee Soo Man’s banner from the audience hahahaha.

- Teukie took a very long bow after the show. To be honest, I almost shed tears watching that, knowing that he will enlist in military service this year. I bet many ELFs were feeling the same way too. Our hysterical leader, we <3 you!

- During that famous pocket-shaking choreography in History, the camera really focused on EXO-M’s pockets it made me giggle for no clear reason hahaha.

- At the end of the show, they were playing with the water fountain. Yesung didn’t want to at first, pretending to be sick, but then the others successfully forced him hahaha. Everyone got wet in the end! SJ even splashed water to EXO-M boys. Speaking of it, the crowd still sang and turned on the lighsticks during EXO-M’s performance. There was only a tiny number of them who turned if off. You guys didn’t matter, booooo :p

Writing down this entry has made me emotional a bit. Just can’t help it hahaha. Once again, thank you for this happy feeling you’ve shared to us, SJ. We’ll never forget it, and do come back soon! Big thanks also goes to Relawan Konser. It was such a hella fun experience watching Super Show with you all. Huge love to each of you! <3

More gigs to come for me: MBLAQ in June and The Stone Roses in July in Singapore. Junsu from JYJ will also have his solo concert here although there isn’t any confirmation from the promotor. Crossing my fingers for that! ;)
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Took another impulsive decision and didn’t regret anything at all! My initial plan was to watch Super Show 4 Indonesia only on Sunday, which is the last day, but then a special offer came so I finally watched the first day! WHAT CAN I SAY IT WAS JUST SUPERB. I could move on from my bad experience in SS3 VN and now I have an amazing experience and memories with Super Junior!

Luckily, my friends and I got Super Box ticket only for half price. What’s even cooler we got the best spot so we could see the boys running around and waving in front of us! We even witnessed how sexy actually Kyu’s butt is hahahaha. Oh, first about the venue. The venue (Mata Elang International Stadium) is located near Ancol beach, so we can comfortably hang around while waiting. Such a great place for music events, yes? :)


Okay I still can’t think coherently there are many things in my head right now. I don’t know where to start, honestly hahahaha.

The show started with Superman, which is a perfect choice. An epic song that made me shiver seeing the bluesticks glowing from all directions in the venue. And when the boys finally came out I screamed on the top of my lungs because they were so close I couldn’t believe it! Next was Opera, arrrghhh I love it so much! The dance, the heavy beat and the moving stage, blended into one awesome performance. Absolutely one of my favs! Bonamana rock version was ohhhhsome too. It sounded a bit weird first to me, but then the boys just blew me away up up to the sky. They rocked for sure!


Another performance that made me fully dance was Oppa Oppa by Eunhyuk and Donghae. The venue turned into a disco party I enjoyed it to the max, yayyyy! :D During the song we could see how EunHae were very happy they kept slapping each other’s face hahahaha.


(You see, I lost my ability to write in an organized way. I’m totally random! So let’s just write it in list)

- We had a big laugh watching the Sound of Music part. Siwon as Captain Von Trapp was so sexy in that uniform *____*

- Hae was super dashing. He took one fan’s cellphone and I don’t know, he might be phoning someone or record his voice. A lucky fan indeed.

- Kyu’s rendition of Isn’t She Lovely was lovely <3 I like the part when Kyu in the screen was complaining why he sings ballad most of the times xD. And I don’t get it why Kyu can be totally evil and we still love him that much!

- Wookie and Sungmin were cutie, cutie pies. When they were walking in front of me I could see their flawless skin. But Wookie as Gollum was just nasteeeh hahaha and Min as Marilyn Monroe was sensual (again, his flawless shoulder *sigh*)


- Teukie, our leader, sang She. I was afraid he might lose his breath and collapse because as we know, he’s not that *cough*young*cough* and this guy often got too excited.

- Shindong had a solo dance performance to an Indonesian song by Vidi Aldiano. A nice one, methink :)


-Yesung as Chucky .... I lost words. The image suited him a lot hahaha. This boy does have an amazing voice though!

- When EXO-M suddenly appeared on stage I couldn’t help myself x) I just squealed happily. What makes me so proud is there’s no black ocean for them. We even sang to History. That’s what respect is, kids, salute!

The blue baloons, the blue ocean, the happiness you have given to us, Super Junior! Thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3 Now I just can’t wait for another ohsomazing experience on Sunday! :)

Ps: Haters now can eat their heart out. Super Junior were so nice to EXO-M boys, and EXO-M boys showed their big respect to their seniors. So why the unnecessary fandom wars?

Pssstt, here’s a bonus :p
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Hi, this'll be a quick post, so I'll just be, errr, quick.

1. Will fly to Penang this Thursday for a vacation. Damn I'm excited since I really need some time off from the hectic days!

2. I've secured my ticket for three upcoming gigs, namely Super Show 4, MBLAQ and The Stone Roses in Singapore. Yes, this also makes me feel all bouncy!

3. Been listening to Still by Tohoshinki a lot. Such a beautiful song it makes me love the duo even more. I've placed my order on the single too. Speaking of them, I want Tone tour hoodie T___T

Good bye for now. Will update after my vacation. Told ya it's gonna be quick :p
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I once told myself that I wouldn’t give a damn to the conflict between TVXQ and JYJ and would only focus on the music. I just didn’t want to take side because I do love both groups. But then there is this thing people called curiosity. I finally gave myself the guts to read this famous blog entitled The Truth About TVXQ. At first I hesitated to read it since I believed it would only add some useless burden to my mind. Curiosity won though.

All this time, some questions have popped up in mind, like why did the two decide to stay? If the slave contract is really the problem, why do they go on with it and the three left? And some other confusing questions kept appearing. Yet reading the blog has given me some enlightenment. This is not a pure black/white problem. No true angels or true devils here. I mean, I used to hear the story from one side, but then the problem is not as blatant as that. Each side has their own importance, which I truly understand.

So my conclusion? It still takes a lot of time and energy to solve the problem (and so many blog posts I need to digest!). However, thanks to the blog I now believe that Yunho and Changmin have a strong reason to stay and there’s nothing wrong with that. While for JYJ, they also have the right to leave although now it doesn’t sound very convincing to me. I still love the three though, and they still have my respect as musicians :) One can only hope that the two sides will someday reconcile even though not under the same name.

And here's what we have in April. Eggggzaited yesss?
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On your birthday, you can’t help being reflective, looking back at the years that you’ve been through. And my 27-year-old self, we’ve had such fun adventures, haven’t we? You’ve stepped in a new country and grasped many new exciting things in life to enjoy. You’ve been (and hopefully always will be) surrounded by the people that you love and love you. You were in emotional breakdown but managed to get up and stand up tall again. You’ve found musical love in TVXQ and JYJ (although you still deny that you’re a Cassie hahaha!). You’ve finally met someone who used to be in your heart for years and made sure that your heart is healed already. Many things in your bucket, yes?

And to my 28-year-old self, may you live your life to the fullest. May you stay healthy to go through the upcoming adventures. May you be poured with love from people to whom you’re pouring your love. May you always learn every precious lesson in life in order to be a better person.

Cheers, and let’s eat the cake!

Yes, let’s live a fantastic live, baby <3
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Went to Beast’s concert (or known as Beautiful Show) last Saturday and had such a blast! I’m not a huge fan of them but I did enjoy the whole performance. I think overall the boys were all entertaining, and what attracted me the most was the lighting. From where I sat it was magnificent, especially the opening part! Most of the times I went whoaaaa because of that :D I also went quite wild when they performed I Like You The Best, which is my favourite <3 They looked so casual during the song, and it just felt right because the song itself has this happy tone. Another song that made me go wawawiwa was of course Fiction.

Some highlights of the show:
1. Hyunseung was forever 4D. He often did this weird pose. By himself. But it’s obvious how he really enjoyed the show :)
2. Seobie was so cuuuuute. And when a girl was taken to the stage, he took off his jacket to cover the girl’s thighs since she’s wearing shorts. Ain’t that sweet?
3. Talking about that, yes that girl was so damn lucky! Beast’s members hugged her, gave her flowers and a teddy bear and held her hand during You. I bet other Beauties were envying her so much! Well I even got a bit jealous too x)
4. When talking about a place to date in Jakarta, they were talking about Monas and Pulau Seribu. I mean, guyssss, even us Jakartans won’t answer that hahaha.
5. The translator was a bit annoying though. I really appreciate how he tried to translate the sentences into casual Indonesian language, but for some parts they sounded weird to me :/

Next concert? MBLAQ is confirmed to play in Jakarta this June. How about this super concert in April? Let’s just wait for the good news ;) *crossing fingers*
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Life always has something special to offer, mostly in an unpredictable way. Last week I managed to meet someone who used to have this special place in my heart, and we finally met after eight years. Eight years is quite a long time, isn’t it? It’s just beyond words how I really thank God for this bliss. The meeting and the chat only lasted for around twenty minutes since the guy had to do something else, and I don’t really remember much what we’re talking about. All I remember is the sensation, and it was so good. Extremely good :)

Some words that I remember from him are ‘It’s been crazy.’ I don’t know what he means by that hahaha. Yeah, it was quite a roller coaster ride, right? At least on my side. Those moments were sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating but I know all those moments are memorable and will always occupy a special spot in my heart. So thank you, sir. Thank you for those butterflies you once gave me. They’ve flown away now to a better place, I believe.

Cheers, A.
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There’s no such thing as an easy work. I believe that every profession has its excitement and its challenges. And maybe currently I’m facing one of the challenges right now *sigh* I just don’t understand how people in this field could be so selfish, ignorant and disrespectful. I mean, for one example, to keep coming in and out of the room during a thesis defense is IMPOLITE. More importantly, it was done by someone we ‘should’ respect for his position. Geez, I don’t get it why he’s still in that position. No offense, but I think there’s should be a regeneration.

Enough of the work’s rambling. Let the fangirl inside me pour what’s in her heart now. Last week I made a short trip to Bandung to catch The Horrors’ gig. I departed from Jakarta at 5 and arrived there at 8, straightly to the gig venue. The Horrors were OHHHHSOME. Their music, their energy, their sound, they’re all amazing! I’ve been following them even before they released their debut album, so it felt really great to have finally seen them live. It’s worth the exhausting trip :) [pssst, the morning after I went back to Jakarta so I didn’t have to skip the class that day. Wasn’t I a rock and roll lecturer? :p]

Still couldn’t grasp Big Bang’s new song, Blue. I like the MV from the first time but the song ... somehow I feel that the sound is too empty. On the other hand, I dig Miss A’s Touch. It’s pretty but sad, and the psychedelical MV is quite nice too. These girls can’t do no wrong, can they?

I have a vacation plan for April. Will tell ya the details later. One thing for sure is I’m hella excited because it’s the place I’ve never visited before! :D
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This week, we Indonesian K-pop fans just received some good news. First, Beast is going to have a full concert here in Jakarta in March. I’m not that huge fan of Beast but when reading the info, I was soooo happy. I know Beauties out there are extremely in bliss, and I’m happy for them :) Another news is a concert agent also congratulated A+ because MBLAQ is coming too! And I go wawawiwawuuuu! I have to be in the front for MBLAQ! I hope the promotor will announce the date soon! Oh, here’s another piece of happiness for Indonesian K-pop fans. There’ll be a SUPER show in April and a BIG show in June. You can say that we’re all excited :D *crossing fingers*

And to be able to watch all of these concerts, I know I have to work harder. Tough, but I can do it :)

By the way, just got myself a pair of red jeans because I saw Yunho and Yoochun wearing it and it looks so damn good. See, K-pop idols are my new fashion icons (especially Changmin, you super stylish young man!).

Ps: I'm gonna have a black Valentine's day with The Horrors in Bandung. Ex-ci-ted!
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The first month of 2012 has just ended, and now we can say: hi there, February! Be kind to us, will you? I won’t talk about work in this entry, because work is work. There’s hardly fun in it (well, in my case it is). I badly need a holiday somewhere, somewhere far from this city and the hecticness it brings. However. Yes, however it’s not that easy to book a tix to fly somewhere. The local promotors have teased us with some dates of Korean music gigs and I don’t want to miss them! Rumours said there’ll be Super Show 4, SM Town, MBLAQ, BEAST and more. Whoaaa, Jakarta will be full of awesome concerts! *crossing my fingers*

One song that I’ve been enjoying so much is EXO’s What Is Love. AND I TOTALLY LOVE THE MV (yes, that has to be in capital letters)! I didn’t care about the numerous teasers SM gave before since I didn’t want to have a certain expectation on them. But looking at the MV, whoaaa I was blown away! I love the beautiful cinematography and editing, and the sci-fi theme is just in the right place. I still can’t identify which member is which because they kinda look alike, don’t they? Yet I’m waiting for more from them. I wanna visit the EXO planet <3

Also, I’m addicted to MBLAQ’s Hello Baby. I really dig MBLAQ members because they’re so adorkable and huggable, and seeing them with cute babies, my heart just goes boom! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. If you don’t fall in love with MBLAQ after the show, there must be something wrong with your heart teehee.

Ciao for now.
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The term has finally ended. I no longer have classes to teach, but some exam sheets are waiting to be checked. There are still some works to do before I can officially scream ‘Hey, it’s holiday!’, but at least I can wake up late lately ^^ Life has been treating me well these days. I got to hang out with my precious friends and had such a fun convo, rewarded my self with several things and have enough time to rest.

Speaking of reward, I just bought another novel by Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda. It’s a part of my literary resolution in 2012. I made a promise to myself that I would finish one more novel from Carey and will try one novel from A.S. Byatt, Virginia Woolf and one Asian/South American author (maybe Yukio Mishima). I used to be able to finish about 40 novels in a year, but recently it’s even hard to finish one (no thanks, workload!). I won’t force myself with a certain number of books this year, so I’ll just make an effort to read some works by authors I haven’t touched before. And currently I’m struggling to finish Jack Maggs by Carey. Dunno why but it’s getting boring.


Another reward is these babies <3 Found them at Summarecon Mall for quite reasonable price. I once saw something similar in a Japanese magazine and I wanted them so much! There’s no way I could buy the Japanese brand one since it’s hella expensive so when finding the much cheaper one, this shopper inside me was truly happy :D

Oh, can anyone tell me why I can’t stop talking about Yunho? Because he’s that gorgeous and that sweet, that’s why <3 (I’d better stop before this entry is full of my wild, crazy fangirl’s ramblings!)
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Finally, the first post in 2012! I know it’s really late since it’s already the fifteenth day of 2012, but I do have an excuse, people! Due to high fever and headache, I had to stay in bed for three days, including during the new year’s eve. So when people outside were playing fireworks, I had to deal with the sickness -___-‘ Yet I’m totally okay now and could continue working. In fact, my life lately has been occupied by the work. I predict 2012 will be hectic since there are many programs from the department. Well, I’ll consider that as a challenge! I also hope that 2012 will be full of love, adventures and excitement. I don't have any specific resolution though. I'm bad at making that :p

In my last post I wrote that I’m gonna make a special post for my fav albums in 2011. Sadly, I guess the time is no longer right to write a really proper post. I’m just gonna mention them here: TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down, JYJ’s In Heaven, GD and TOP’s Vol 1, The Horrors’s Skying and Hard-Fi’s Killer Sounds. I know GD and TOP’s album was released in 2010, but I did listen to it a lot in 2011 so I included it in the list.


And my new year’s present to myself is TVXQ’s photobook El Sol! Last December I worked hard to finish my translation so I could get the payment and buy the photobook. And when finally it came to my hands, I felt so so happy since my hard work was well paid-off <3 The photos inside are truly gorgeous and it’s great to see Yunho and Changmin enjoying their quality time in Spain :)

Anyway, I gotta go. There are some works to do. Urgh, I wish I had a more awesome reason. Adieu for now.
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As usual, every year I always have these lists of my fav songs and fav albums. This year I made them too, and for this post, I’m gonna write down the list of my fav songs first. The 2010 of me would laugh out loud reading my 2011 list hahaha. As some of you already know, 2011 is the year when I got into a music scene that I never thought I would, which is K-music scene. I blame Super Junior for this. Not that I’m complaining though! I must say that K-music scene has given some refreshment to my ears, and my music collection is getting richer :) But don’t ask me about new indie bands now. I know I’m not updated about that anymore *hiding in shame* So anyway, here’s the list of my favourite tracks of 2011! Enjoy the K-wave!

15. Not Alone – Park Jung Min

Such a bold statement from PJM. Hhhuhhh? No, I’m not suggesting anything. I refer to his statement in coming back to music industry. Full of violin and dynamic drums, this is something that you might not expect from an ex-member of an idol group.

14. Cold-Hearted Man – TRAX

Used to be very rocking some words needed to be censored, TRAX are now famous for their ballad songs. Some do mind about this quite radical change, but you guys gotta admit that this song is so beautifully tear-jerking!

13. O.K – B1A4

The first single from these cute boys. So colourful, so fresh, how can you not enjoy this song?

12. Love Alone – Miss A

I rarely like girl groups, because most just sell either overly sexiness or cuteness. Yet Miss A show how you can wear short skirts and look energetic instead of looking slutty. Their album is enjoyable, and I love this English song since the first time I heard it.

11. Be Mine – Infinite

An OMD-ish song from the group I musically adore but I don’t know which one is which :D Be Mine is a catchy dance track. Just don’t forget to wear your neon legging! Uh no, you’d better not.

10. Cry – MBLAQ

Nggg, I used to laugh out loud watching the MV. But when I watched it again after several months, I found out how beautifully heartbreaking the song is (the choreography still amazes me not in a good way though ...). The emotion delivered is just so right.

9. I Am The Best – 2NE1

A bizarre song from a girl group. Well, what can you say? This is 2NE1, and they always know how to kick some arse!

8. Open Your Window – Seungri feat G Dragon

Forget his arrogant smile. Seungri just sounds surprisingly sweet in this song. I was hypnotized I flew to SG, wishing to hear him sing this during KMW (he didn’t, booooo).

7. Duet – Tohoshinki/TVXQ

A ballad that makes you only have two letters in mind, ‘a’ and ‘w’. AWWWWWW.

6. Love Song – Big Bang

An Angels and Airwaves-ish song that puts Big Bang as the coolest boy group in the industry.

5. Perfection – Super Junior M

It starts with some heavy guitar and just goes perfectly well. Super Junior M, why so cool?

4. Oh! Ah! – Kim Hyung Jun

With this pretty pop song, added with a psychoanalytically beautiful MV, Kim Hyung Jun shows that he’s more than just a childish magnae. Gorgeous voice and gorgeous looks, Baby, we need more from you.

3. Before You Go – TVXQ

Keep Your Head Down is a massive song but I chose this one to be my fav since it truly shows that with only two voices left, TVXQ still can manage to sing well. To complete that, Before You Go has a literally kicking MV and sexy dance moves. Oh yeah.

2. Empty – JYJ

If one song can make you shed some tears, you know that song has such a big effect on you.

1. Don’t Go Home – GD and TOP

My adoration to Big Bang started from GD and TOP through this song. I remember playing it for the first time, and I got addicted. The addiction is too severe, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t even handle. HELP.

So that’s my list, and please share me yours? The favourite album list will be revealed in my next entry, so I’ll see you then! :)
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December 4th is one of the most unforgettable days in my life as a fangirl. The day when I attended the fan meeting (or fan party, the official name of it) and finally saw two out of my five favourite guys in Korean music scene. I met TVXQ, dear readers, and not only that, I got the precious chance to ask Yunho and Changmin a question directly ;___;

The red ocean, thanks to this little guy.

I wrote in my previous post about my plan to fly to Singapore to see them live. Having done that, I still couldn’t believe it. It still feels surreal! When reminiscing the night, I still can’t believe that I’ve seen HoMin singing, dancing and smiling in front of me. Most importantly, they said hi to me, waved at me and answered my question. After Han Geng, now Yunho and Changmin? I WAS THE LUCKY B*TCH THEY MIGHT SAY.

Let’s start the story from two days before the fan party. I joined two competitions held by the organizer, one was meet and greet session and the other one was Q&A session during the show. I was so disappointed knowing that I didn’t win the first competition. I lost hope and told myself, ‘Okay, maybe not my time yet.’ But the night after that, my friend (mba Elda, it was!) tweeted me, Whatsapp-ed me and even texted me to tell that I was one of the Q&A winners. My reaction? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD and WHAT SHOULD I DO WHAT SHOULD I DO. Yes, I was that surprised and I kept repeating those words x) It’s beyond my expectation to win the competition because personally, compared with other questions, mine is less fun and kinda safe. Well, I guess in the end the chosen questions are the safe ones, and mine also focuses on Yunho and Changmin’s friendship instead of talking about their conflict with JYJ, for example.

On Sunday morning I flew to Singapore and arrived at lunch time. We directly went to Chinatown, where our hostel is located (FYI, it’s a great place!). After having our lunch, taking a rest and abusing the wi-fi, we went to the venue at five since I had to meet the crew for a briefing at 6. Stepping out from National Stadium MRT station, the rain was falling lightly. Why it was always raining every time I attended a K-pop concert I have no idea. Anyway, I panicked a bit because I couldn’t find the crew at the spot mentioned in their text message. I walked here and there, afraid that I was in the wrong spot. Thankfully I managed to the person responsible for Q&A session before it’s too late. She told us that we wouldn’t go on stage (like what we had expected before) but we would be put in the front position of each pen without having to queue. Okay, at least we still have that privilege. So right before the gate was officially opened, four other winners and I were already allowed to come inside the stadium and stood right in the front of the stage. Knowing that they would be that close already made my heart beat faster. Yes, I was getting more nervous. I even had to jot down my question since I feared my mind would go blank when seeing HoMin on stage!

The fan party began half an hour late. Before that, some songs from TVXQ were played (also some of SNSD’s songs, followed by boooooo from the audience hahaha) to pump up our spirit. And then the full MV of Before You Go was played on the big screen. I knew that the show would begin real soon. Phewww, the heart started to beat irregularly again. Then the intro of Maximum was heard, ladies and gentlemen! The dancers came on stage, followed by Yunho! And my response was again, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Such a lame reaction but that’s what I kept on saying during the first several minutes! Yunho and Changmin were right in front of me I didn’t have any other word to say! The boys performed Maximum, How Can I, Before You Go, the medley of The Way You Are, Mirotic and Rising Sun and the show was closed with Keep Your Head Down. Between each session, we’re given some footage from SM Town and makings of their MVs.

The boys were so energetic that night.

Lemme give my comments about each song. Maximum was perfect to kickstart the fantastic night (the literal kickstart since there were lots of kicks in the choreography!). As far as I remember they lip-synced during this song, thought the rest of the songs were sung live. Next was How Can I, such a wonderful song. Lately I’ve been loving this song so much and being able to see this song performed live just made me really really happy. The boys sang it beautifully, and I could only go awwwww.

After that, it’s the interview session. The boys were given some questions about Singapore, like the national flower, the official languages and such. Changmin was really cute during the session. I think it was during the national flower question he looked so surprised x) Perhaps he hadn’t expected he would be given that question hahaha. Done with the interview session (sorry but I didn’t really remember the whole questions ...), the boys were back with another song, Before You Go. Uh-oh, I told myself that my heart should be ready for this one! It’s my favourite from HoMin and I knew I would be emotional listening to it live (yes I was!). Not only that, if you know the choreography of the song, you will understand why I should prepare my heart :)) Sexy sexy moves, you know what I mean!

Muscular Changmin!

The heart-throbbing moment finally came, people! The Q&A session! The five of us would ask them questions and they would answer! Whoaaaa, nervous like hell! The other winners asked questions about Singaporean food, their other career as drama actors and new year resolution. My question was ‘What is the best from working with each other and what are the difficulties?’. My turn was the last but the MC was wrong at first and mentioned my name during the second turn. That’s okay, it means TVXQ heard my name twice *grinning*Okay, drum rolls, it’s my turn! The legendary moment hahaha! When the MC introduced me, HoMin greeted and waved at me wawawawawawawa. I greeted them back and told them I’m from Indonesia. And this was the cutest part, Yunho looked surprised, said ‘hoooo’, said ‘hi’ and waved again then he laughed. Not sure why but that sounded extremely cute to my ears x) x) (my sis recorded the moment and I kept playing it only to hear Yunho’s laughter). Yunho's reply to my question was that as the leader, sometimes he feels so stressed out but he’s glad Changmin is always there to help him. I’m sure HoMin shippers’s hearts went boom hearing his answer! I actually wish Changmin would answer it too but too bad there wasn’t enough time for that.

... and gorgeous Yunho

The show continued with a medley of The Way You Are, Mirotic and Rising Sun. I was curious to know how Mirotic, that used to be sung by five voices, was performed by HoMin. It turned out they only sang a little part of it, and Changmin took Yoochun’s rap part. Rising Sun was also grand, and again Changmin sang Yoochun’s parts. Keep Your Head Down was the last song of the night. Such a massive song with a massive effect to all Cassies. This was the song that has shown the world that TVXQ would still stand strong. It was performed amazingly and so perfect to end this huge night for us, Cassies. I was totally in awe.

Have I written about the boys’ looks that night? Both were in sleeveless white shirts that showed off their muscles hahaha. Changmin looked cute cute with his current curly hair and oh my, his legs were really that long! He looked really tall, prolly because of my angle as well. While Yunho *sigh*, he’s that gorgeous, really. Enough said. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him! I’m glad I bought pen B ticket since it’s the side where Yunho was :D It was Changmin who smiled a lot and talked more though, while Yunho was a bit reserved. That’s why it was so nice to hear his usual chuckle when he greeted me 8D (yessss, be jealous with me)! And I still wanna scream out loud everytime I remember those cute eyes of Yunho have met mine! Here I go wawawiwawawawiwa again!

The screen says it all.

Not many pictures were successfully taken since the security guards were really strict about photography and videography. I managed to take some with my mobile phone, but because of the quality some aren’t really clear. But I’m sure you understand, each moment has been recorded well in my mind and heart hahaha.

What’s left from the beautiful Sunday night? Happiness beyond words, added with the feeling of wanting to see them more. It turns out that one-and-a-half hours isn’t enough for me, HoMin. I need to see you guys again, and I’m crossing my fingers I won’t have to wait long for that :)

What a night!

Ps: I’m also praying that I’ll get the chance to see JYJ live. Both sides are similarly precious for me <3

Ps 2: There’s also a session in which the winning videos of fanmade video competition were played. The first one was kinda touching since it refers to DB5K (some fans were sobbing), and the second one was full of pretty illustrations and Changmin-biased (Yunho hardly appears in it).

Ps 3: Thank you for accompanying me, big sis and mba Elda :)
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After watching Korean Music Wave in Singapore last July, I told myself, ‘Okay, I won’t go to Singapore again this year. I should save my money for other countries.’ But then ... one day when my friend and I were really bored, we decided to have a short trip, two days and one night only. We decided that the nearest place would be Singapore (not that Indonesian cities are boring but we were also looking for some things). So yeah, we finally went there last weekend. Yet this time we tried to plan things well by visiting new places and our destinations would be bookshops, coffee shops and stationary stores. It was a really short getaway but it was hella fun :)

Our room. The wall decoration is inspired by a traditional game.

We stayed at a new hostel called Five Stones. Our bedroom was comfy and even though we had to use shared-bathrooms (my first experience), we didn’t mind at all since they’re so clean. The hostel staff were also really nice. They helped us quickly when we needed things or asked for some directions. Not to forget, with a smile~~. Not only it’s cozy, the location of the hostel is strategic too: 10 minute-walking to Boat Quay and Raffles MRT station and 5 minute-walking to Clarke Quay station. Boat Quay is such a lovely place! I really enjoyed strolling around during the morning, just enjoying the friendly sunshine and waving at some ships passing by. I just love the river bank, I don’t understand why Dickens often created it as a gloomy, creepy place.

Anyway, after checking in, we went straight to Club Street, which was only one MRT station away. Our main destination was actually Books Actually but then we just knew that they have moved :( Thankfully there were many other interesting places at Club Street and Ann Siang Hill. We visited this shop selling knick-knacks named Little Drom Store. The store was quite tiny, but I gotta say their tote bags, notebooks, pins etc are cute. The products mostly came from famous designers. I didn’t buy any though, since the price was kinda expensive for my wallet. Another store that we entered was Wood in Books, which specializes in children’s book stories. They also sell cute notebooks, bookmarkers and postcards. The last shop before we had some coffee at Shots was Trolley. The concept is similar to Little Drom Store although the stuffs aren’t as fancy as LDS. I did buy something though, a cat strap for my mobile phone. Like what I’ve mentioned before, we had some drink at Shots. They don’t sell too many choices of food and drinks, but the place is quite nice to hang out with your friends. Club Street isn’t crowded, so sitting outside to have some coffee (or any other drink) is one of the best ways to enjoy the street.

Wood in Books, pretty, yep?

Since the night was still young, we went to Orchard, particularly Kinokuniya and HMV. At Kinokuniya I grabbed some magazines (how could I say no to mags with TVXQ and Chunnie as the cover?!), and at HMV I bought some CDs for myself and for my friends. I was searching for The Secret Code but HMV didn’t have it, so I bought the blue edition of Tone (so it means I have two editions of the album teehee).

The next day, we spent our morning walking around Boat Quay and taking lots of pictures. I’m glad the weather was really friendly during the weekend since our last trip to SG was nothing but rain all day long. We went to Takashimaya again because I had a plan to meet Harm, my Singaporean friend. We had known each other since 2002 but that’s the first time we meet in person :D She’s a nice person to talk to and she shared so many interesting stories about her life. Glad to have met you, Harm! We should hang out longer next time :D

The view of Boat Quay.

Done with the rendezvous! Our next place to visit was Cat Socrates at Bras Basah Complex. And I’m sooooo in love with the store! I went kinda wild and bought some cute, lovely things like tote bags, small mirrors, and a necklace. I wish I had brought more money though, since the stuffs sold there are too precious to be missed! Cat Socrates is surely my new favourite place in town! If you like knick-knacks, that is one place you totally won’t miss.

A sweet trip, indeed!

This short-trip was indeed refreshing. I got to visit places and hip spots I had never gone before, did new things and enjoyed the city in a new way. I’ll fly there again to attend TVXQ’s fanmeeting in early December. I just hope Singapore won’t get bored of me :p So see you again with another update on, hopefully, TVXQ’s fan party!
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Life has been, hell yeah, hectic! I don't know how many times I've said or written this, but really, it's like there isn't any single day where my mind is completely blank from everything (not that I want it to, just my hyperbole of language). My days have been full of teaching, checking assignments, planning the new course outlines and translating stuffs. I even have to let go some chapters of the translation because I'm afraid that I won't be able to handle it all.

Well, I can take a short break at the moment since the students are having their mid-exams. No, please don't remind me that after that I'll have to check the exam sheets. I just want to enjoy this temporary holiday. Oh, speaking of holiday, my friend Sherz and I are going to Singapore this weekend. Yes, our short getaway. We're gonna explore some bookstores, stationary shops and cafes in that city. Our plan is kinda full, but I hope we can visit all of the places. Yes, I'm excited.

Another thing that gets me excited is that I'm going to attend TVXQ's fanmeeting in December. I got the ticket already, and my heart is bouncing in excitement! I really can't wait for it! You guys know how much I love DB5K, and I'm sure it'd be better if I could see the five of them on stage. But for now, while waiting for the five of them to come back together, I'm gonna see Yunho and Changmin rock my world (and hopefully after that JYJ, amen!)!

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I want to

Run between the skying sunflowers. Enjoy the sunshine with a cup of iced caramel latte in hand. Cry after reading a beautifully mushy romance. Go to a city where nobody knows me and just enjoy each and every second of the foreign place. Meet someone that could melt me with his talent and sweetness. Have someone to sing for me with a piano. Say this out loud, “Dear life, I’m hard to beat.”

And I wanna thank these guys who could always sing this beautifully.

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It's been a sucky day, I mean it. I got this news that causes such a dilemma in my heart, I had to attend this oh-so-boring discussion and to top that, I was stuck in a heavy traffic jam due to heavy rain. I was totally exhausted mentally and physically. Tears were just streaming when I was in the taxi on my way home.

But when I got home and saw this video, I feel so so much better :')

I've been Chunnified, and I can't complain.
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Last week was a busy one for this lecturer. It’s already the third week for this new term and I had to juggle between lecturing, checking assignments (so many of them!) and managing my JJA application. Thankfully I could handle them quite well, even though right after I got home I went nowhere besides my bed. And I still have around twelve weeks to go dealing with this. Argh.

At the same time, it was a fantastic week for my other side of life as a fangirl. Both TVXQ and JYJ released their new albums and my copies have been shipped by Yesasia. Hopefully it’ll arrive this week :) Also, my sister bought me Hard-Fi’s new album when she went to Singapore. Killer Sounds is the third album from these Staines boys and they’re just getting better and better. Their music is rocking, groovy, rich and roaring! Knowing them from the start, I’m proud that they musically have come this far. I’ll try to find time to write a proper review about this album.

And have I told you that I can’t stop listening to JYJ’s You’re? It’s such a beautiful and sweet song sung by beautiful voices. How can I not love these guys? <3

I also had a short trip to Bandung last weekend. It’s supposed to be a place to relieve my stress but man, Bandung was really crowded and it’s not that cold anymore. I stayed at Amaris Hotel in Cihampelas, which was quite comfortable but the area around it, man, it’s packed with people! I dunno, I no longer find Bandung that interesting anymore.
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