Dec. 27th, 2011

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As usual, every year I always have these lists of my fav songs and fav albums. This year I made them too, and for this post, I’m gonna write down the list of my fav songs first. The 2010 of me would laugh out loud reading my 2011 list hahaha. As some of you already know, 2011 is the year when I got into a music scene that I never thought I would, which is K-music scene. I blame Super Junior for this. Not that I’m complaining though! I must say that K-music scene has given some refreshment to my ears, and my music collection is getting richer :) But don’t ask me about new indie bands now. I know I’m not updated about that anymore *hiding in shame* So anyway, here’s the list of my favourite tracks of 2011! Enjoy the K-wave!

15. Not Alone – Park Jung Min

Such a bold statement from PJM. Hhhuhhh? No, I’m not suggesting anything. I refer to his statement in coming back to music industry. Full of violin and dynamic drums, this is something that you might not expect from an ex-member of an idol group.

14. Cold-Hearted Man – TRAX

Used to be very rocking some words needed to be censored, TRAX are now famous for their ballad songs. Some do mind about this quite radical change, but you guys gotta admit that this song is so beautifully tear-jerking!

13. O.K – B1A4

The first single from these cute boys. So colourful, so fresh, how can you not enjoy this song?

12. Love Alone – Miss A

I rarely like girl groups, because most just sell either overly sexiness or cuteness. Yet Miss A show how you can wear short skirts and look energetic instead of looking slutty. Their album is enjoyable, and I love this English song since the first time I heard it.

11. Be Mine – Infinite

An OMD-ish song from the group I musically adore but I don’t know which one is which :D Be Mine is a catchy dance track. Just don’t forget to wear your neon legging! Uh no, you’d better not.

10. Cry – MBLAQ

Nggg, I used to laugh out loud watching the MV. But when I watched it again after several months, I found out how beautifully heartbreaking the song is (the choreography still amazes me not in a good way though ...). The emotion delivered is just so right.

9. I Am The Best – 2NE1

A bizarre song from a girl group. Well, what can you say? This is 2NE1, and they always know how to kick some arse!

8. Open Your Window – Seungri feat G Dragon

Forget his arrogant smile. Seungri just sounds surprisingly sweet in this song. I was hypnotized I flew to SG, wishing to hear him sing this during KMW (he didn’t, booooo).

7. Duet – Tohoshinki/TVXQ

A ballad that makes you only have two letters in mind, ‘a’ and ‘w’. AWWWWWW.

6. Love Song – Big Bang

An Angels and Airwaves-ish song that puts Big Bang as the coolest boy group in the industry.

5. Perfection – Super Junior M

It starts with some heavy guitar and just goes perfectly well. Super Junior M, why so cool?

4. Oh! Ah! – Kim Hyung Jun

With this pretty pop song, added with a psychoanalytically beautiful MV, Kim Hyung Jun shows that he’s more than just a childish magnae. Gorgeous voice and gorgeous looks, Baby, we need more from you.

3. Before You Go – TVXQ

Keep Your Head Down is a massive song but I chose this one to be my fav since it truly shows that with only two voices left, TVXQ still can manage to sing well. To complete that, Before You Go has a literally kicking MV and sexy dance moves. Oh yeah.

2. Empty – JYJ

If one song can make you shed some tears, you know that song has such a big effect on you.

1. Don’t Go Home – GD and TOP

My adoration to Big Bang started from GD and TOP through this song. I remember playing it for the first time, and I got addicted. The addiction is too severe, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t even handle. HELP.

So that’s my list, and please share me yours? The favourite album list will be revealed in my next entry, so I’ll see you then! :)

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