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Writing has always been a therapy for me. No matter what I feel is, I always consider writing as the best way to express it. And it always works wonder everytime I feel angry or sad, in particular. It’s like, when my feelings are transferred into words, I experience this huge sense of relief. It might not eliminate the anger or the sadness completely. But it makes me feel way better at least.

Words are also my kind of escapism. Sometimes real life can be boring or frustrating, we just can’t help it. And through words, especially through stories, I create my own world where everything is so much better, everything is much more beautiful. That’s the magic of imagination, isn’t it?

When I make an imaginary story about myself (let’s just say another life of mine), I always think about happy things. Or sometimes things that I wouldn’t do in real life. Some people might think this is one form of mental disorder (hahaha), but for me it’s a kind of imagination trip: where my mind explores all ideas/inspiration that come into my brain. Yes, you can call it an escapism. I don’t mind that.

So it’s a therapy. It’s an escapism. Whatever it is, writing gives me a lot of precious things. And I’ll keep writing. I’ll keep treating words as my best friend :)

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