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My fragile fangirl’s heart just exploded because of these next two cuties. This next post will be talking about how they’re gorgeous blah blah so if you’re not into fangirls’ rambling, you might skip this post. But anyway, seeing gorgeous hunks, you don’t want to resist that, right? ;)


This one is Park Yoochun from JYJ. He used to be in this famous Korean boyband named TVXQ but then he quit with his two band-mates. It’s a long story, but the result of his decision is that their previous company often terrorized them like ruining their schedule and such. Okay, let’s leave that aside for a while because I can talk all day long about this injustice towards JYJ.

I think the first time I noticed I had a crush on this guy is when TVXQ appeared with Super Junior (one of my obsessions teehee) in their show Exploration of Human Body. He was bullied by the other members but he kept on smiling and laughing. Yep, I guess his cute smile that stole my heart at that time. You know, I kinda like guys who lose their eyes when laughing :D Another reason is because he can talk in English very well! And the way he speaks English is just too sexy (okay, it’s just me, I think)! He also has a great and strong voice too, this guy, I may not forget that fact. Yoochun is an actor too now, but I haven’t got any chance to see his acting yet :p Well I hope his dramas will be aired soon in Indonesia!


Next, lemme introduce you to this young man named Kim Hyung Jun aka Baby. His nickname is Baby since he’s the youngest in his band SS501, and yep, he sometimes acts baby-ishly with his pouts and all. People sometimes doubt his nose because it’s too pointy for an Asian but when I took a look at his childhood pics, his nose is that ‘perfect’. And Baby’s voice, argh, I love it so so so much! His voice has a characteristic so we can easily recognize his voice even when he sings in his group. Now he’s focusing on his solo career. With that voice and that good looks, I’m sure Baby can do well :)

Oh my, writing this entry down somewhat makes me happy haha.

ps: and don't you notice that the two boys are wearing blue? My favourite colour looks good on them , yes? :)

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