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The term has finally ended. I no longer have classes to teach, but some exam sheets are waiting to be checked. There are still some works to do before I can officially scream ‘Hey, it’s holiday!’, but at least I can wake up late lately ^^ Life has been treating me well these days. I got to hang out with my precious friends and had such a fun convo, rewarded my self with several things and have enough time to rest.

Speaking of reward, I just bought another novel by Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda. It’s a part of my literary resolution in 2012. I made a promise to myself that I would finish one more novel from Carey and will try one novel from A.S. Byatt, Virginia Woolf and one Asian/South American author (maybe Yukio Mishima). I used to be able to finish about 40 novels in a year, but recently it’s even hard to finish one (no thanks, workload!). I won’t force myself with a certain number of books this year, so I’ll just make an effort to read some works by authors I haven’t touched before. And currently I’m struggling to finish Jack Maggs by Carey. Dunno why but it’s getting boring.


Another reward is these babies <3 Found them at Summarecon Mall for quite reasonable price. I once saw something similar in a Japanese magazine and I wanted them so much! There’s no way I could buy the Japanese brand one since it’s hella expensive so when finding the much cheaper one, this shopper inside me was truly happy :D

Oh, can anyone tell me why I can’t stop talking about Yunho? Because he’s that gorgeous and that sweet, that’s why <3 (I’d better stop before this entry is full of my wild, crazy fangirl’s ramblings!)

Date: 2012-01-27 07:49 pm (UTC)
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those shoes are lush!

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