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When I watched the first several minutes from JYJ’s 3hree Voices 2, I told myself that I wouldn’t like it. Because I knew that it would be heartbreaking. Since the beginning (of each episode), the atmosphere has been built around memories and melancholy. Every part starts with each JYJ’s member humming to Fallen Leaves, a beautifully sad song. Then just like what they did in 3hree Voices, JYJ take us to explore some places while sharing their thoughts and feelings. This time they go to the same city, which is Tokyo, visiting spots that have a special position in their hearts.

In the first DVD, the members look cheerful while enjoying their holiday. There are also some cute scenes that make you laugh. While here, since this is Tokyo, the place they’re really familiar with, they contemplate more. It’s not a vacation, but more like a pilgrimage. If you know JYJ’s history, you’ll understand why they seem to be really sad when sharing their Tokyo memories. I can’t help feeling this little pang of sadness in my heart when Junsu says that one day he’d like to see 4 or perhaps 5 Voices in the future. Of course you know whom he refers to. And seeing Yoochun shedding a tear at the end of his episode, it just adds the dose of touching parts to the whole DVD.

Worry not, the DVD doesn’t always expose the sad parts, but it also shows us their casual moments, such as Jaejoong having a drink with his close friend, Yoochun goofying at a playground and Junsu happily playing table tennis. Those are ordinary things for us to do, but to them who are always exposed by the media and (physically and virtually) surrounded by their fans, these little things mean much (still, there are some scenes that show their fans appearing during the shooting).

Without meaning to take any side since I love TVX2 as well, I must say that I’ve learned many lessons from JYJ, one of which is to bravely follow your heart, no matter what the consequence is. I do hope in the future they can share more beautiful songs to their fans, perform on many more stages and most importantly, always be happy and even happier in what they do. To take the excerpt of the novel that closes the DVD, I believe the grasshoppers will find their blue sky :)

Thanks to @byuchon for sharing me the happiness <3

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