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2012-04-16 08:18 pm
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29. Good things coming my way~~

Hi, this'll be a quick post, so I'll just be, errr, quick.

1. Will fly to Penang this Thursday for a vacation. Damn I'm excited since I really need some time off from the hectic days!

2. I've secured my ticket for three upcoming gigs, namely Super Show 4, MBLAQ and The Stone Roses in Singapore. Yes, this also makes me feel all bouncy!

3. Been listening to Still by Tohoshinki a lot. Such a beautiful song it makes me love the duo even more. I've placed my order on the single too. Speaking of them, I want Tone tour hoodie T___T

Good bye for now. Will update after my vacation. Told ya it's gonna be quick :p
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2012-03-22 05:47 pm
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27. The birthday post

On your birthday, you can’t help being reflective, looking back at the years that you’ve been through. And my 27-year-old self, we’ve had such fun adventures, haven’t we? You’ve stepped in a new country and grasped many new exciting things in life to enjoy. You’ve been (and hopefully always will be) surrounded by the people that you love and love you. You were in emotional breakdown but managed to get up and stand up tall again. You’ve found musical love in TVXQ and JYJ (although you still deny that you’re a Cassie hahaha!). You’ve finally met someone who used to be in your heart for years and made sure that your heart is healed already. Many things in your bucket, yes?

And to my 28-year-old self, may you live your life to the fullest. May you stay healthy to go through the upcoming adventures. May you be poured with love from people to whom you’re pouring your love. May you always learn every precious lesson in life in order to be a better person.

Cheers, and let’s eat the cake!

Yes, let’s live a fantastic live, baby <3
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2012-03-10 05:56 pm
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25. The meeting

Life always has something special to offer, mostly in an unpredictable way. Last week I managed to meet someone who used to have this special place in my heart, and we finally met after eight years. Eight years is quite a long time, isn’t it? It’s just beyond words how I really thank God for this bliss. The meeting and the chat only lasted for around twenty minutes since the guy had to do something else, and I don’t really remember much what we’re talking about. All I remember is the sensation, and it was so good. Extremely good :)

Some words that I remember from him are ‘It’s been crazy.’ I don’t know what he means by that hahaha. Yeah, it was quite a roller coaster ride, right? At least on my side. Those moments were sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating but I know all those moments are memorable and will always occupy a special spot in my heart. So thank you, sir. Thank you for those butterflies you once gave me. They’ve flown away now to a better place, I believe.

Cheers, A.
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2012-02-25 01:16 am
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24. Rambling, The Horrors and Upcoming Vacay

There’s no such thing as an easy work. I believe that every profession has its excitement and its challenges. And maybe currently I’m facing one of the challenges right now *sigh* I just don’t understand how people in this field could be so selfish, ignorant and disrespectful. I mean, for one example, to keep coming in and out of the room during a thesis defense is IMPOLITE. More importantly, it was done by someone we ‘should’ respect for his position. Geez, I don’t get it why he’s still in that position. No offense, but I think there’s should be a regeneration.

Enough of the work’s rambling. Let the fangirl inside me pour what’s in her heart now. Last week I made a short trip to Bandung to catch The Horrors’ gig. I departed from Jakarta at 5 and arrived there at 8, straightly to the gig venue. The Horrors were OHHHHSOME. Their music, their energy, their sound, they’re all amazing! I’ve been following them even before they released their debut album, so it felt really great to have finally seen them live. It’s worth the exhausting trip :) [pssst, the morning after I went back to Jakarta so I didn’t have to skip the class that day. Wasn’t I a rock and roll lecturer? :p]

Still couldn’t grasp Big Bang’s new song, Blue. I like the MV from the first time but the song ... somehow I feel that the sound is too empty. On the other hand, I dig Miss A’s Touch. It’s pretty but sad, and the psychedelical MV is quite nice too. These girls can’t do no wrong, can they?

I have a vacation plan for April. Will tell ya the details later. One thing for sure is I’m hella excited because it’s the place I’ve never visited before! :D
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2012-02-01 08:31 am
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22. Hi there, February!

The first month of 2012 has just ended, and now we can say: hi there, February! Be kind to us, will you? I won’t talk about work in this entry, because work is work. There’s hardly fun in it (well, in my case it is). I badly need a holiday somewhere, somewhere far from this city and the hecticness it brings. However. Yes, however it’s not that easy to book a tix to fly somewhere. The local promotors have teased us with some dates of Korean music gigs and I don’t want to miss them! Rumours said there’ll be Super Show 4, SM Town, MBLAQ, BEAST and more. Whoaaa, Jakarta will be full of awesome concerts! *crossing my fingers*

One song that I’ve been enjoying so much is EXO’s What Is Love. AND I TOTALLY LOVE THE MV (yes, that has to be in capital letters)! I didn’t care about the numerous teasers SM gave before since I didn’t want to have a certain expectation on them. But looking at the MV, whoaaa I was blown away! I love the beautiful cinematography and editing, and the sci-fi theme is just in the right place. I still can’t identify which member is which because they kinda look alike, don’t they? Yet I’m waiting for more from them. I wanna visit the EXO planet <3

Also, I’m addicted to MBLAQ’s Hello Baby. I really dig MBLAQ members because they’re so adorkable and huggable, and seeing them with cute babies, my heart just goes boom! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. If you don’t fall in love with MBLAQ after the show, there must be something wrong with your heart teehee.

Ciao for now.
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2012-01-26 08:38 pm
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21. You're okay, life. Okay.

The term has finally ended. I no longer have classes to teach, but some exam sheets are waiting to be checked. There are still some works to do before I can officially scream ‘Hey, it’s holiday!’, but at least I can wake up late lately ^^ Life has been treating me well these days. I got to hang out with my precious friends and had such a fun convo, rewarded my self with several things and have enough time to rest.

Speaking of reward, I just bought another novel by Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda. It’s a part of my literary resolution in 2012. I made a promise to myself that I would finish one more novel from Carey and will try one novel from A.S. Byatt, Virginia Woolf and one Asian/South American author (maybe Yukio Mishima). I used to be able to finish about 40 novels in a year, but recently it’s even hard to finish one (no thanks, workload!). I won’t force myself with a certain number of books this year, so I’ll just make an effort to read some works by authors I haven’t touched before. And currently I’m struggling to finish Jack Maggs by Carey. Dunno why but it’s getting boring.


Another reward is these babies <3 Found them at Summarecon Mall for quite reasonable price. I once saw something similar in a Japanese magazine and I wanted them so much! There’s no way I could buy the Japanese brand one since it’s hella expensive so when finding the much cheaper one, this shopper inside me was truly happy :D

Oh, can anyone tell me why I can’t stop talking about Yunho? Because he’s that gorgeous and that sweet, that’s why <3 (I’d better stop before this entry is full of my wild, crazy fangirl’s ramblings!)
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2012-01-15 08:36 pm
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20. Hello 2012

Finally, the first post in 2012! I know it’s really late since it’s already the fifteenth day of 2012, but I do have an excuse, people! Due to high fever and headache, I had to stay in bed for three days, including during the new year’s eve. So when people outside were playing fireworks, I had to deal with the sickness -___-‘ Yet I’m totally okay now and could continue working. In fact, my life lately has been occupied by the work. I predict 2012 will be hectic since there are many programs from the department. Well, I’ll consider that as a challenge! I also hope that 2012 will be full of love, adventures and excitement. I don't have any specific resolution though. I'm bad at making that :p

In my last post I wrote that I’m gonna make a special post for my fav albums in 2011. Sadly, I guess the time is no longer right to write a really proper post. I’m just gonna mention them here: TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down, JYJ’s In Heaven, GD and TOP’s Vol 1, The Horrors’s Skying and Hard-Fi’s Killer Sounds. I know GD and TOP’s album was released in 2010, but I did listen to it a lot in 2011 so I included it in the list.


And my new year’s present to myself is TVXQ’s photobook El Sol! Last December I worked hard to finish my translation so I could get the payment and buy the photobook. And when finally it came to my hands, I felt so so happy since my hard work was well paid-off <3 The photos inside are truly gorgeous and it’s great to see Yunho and Changmin enjoying their quality time in Spain :)

Anyway, I gotta go. There are some works to do. Urgh, I wish I had a more awesome reason. Adieu for now.
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2011-11-26 09:25 am
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16. Singapore trip – river view, coffee and knick-knack

After watching Korean Music Wave in Singapore last July, I told myself, ‘Okay, I won’t go to Singapore again this year. I should save my money for other countries.’ But then ... one day when my friend and I were really bored, we decided to have a short trip, two days and one night only. We decided that the nearest place would be Singapore (not that Indonesian cities are boring but we were also looking for some things). So yeah, we finally went there last weekend. Yet this time we tried to plan things well by visiting new places and our destinations would be bookshops, coffee shops and stationary stores. It was a really short getaway but it was hella fun :)

Our room. The wall decoration is inspired by a traditional game.

We stayed at a new hostel called Five Stones. Our bedroom was comfy and even though we had to use shared-bathrooms (my first experience), we didn’t mind at all since they’re so clean. The hostel staff were also really nice. They helped us quickly when we needed things or asked for some directions. Not to forget, with a smile~~. Not only it’s cozy, the location of the hostel is strategic too: 10 minute-walking to Boat Quay and Raffles MRT station and 5 minute-walking to Clarke Quay station. Boat Quay is such a lovely place! I really enjoyed strolling around during the morning, just enjoying the friendly sunshine and waving at some ships passing by. I just love the river bank, I don’t understand why Dickens often created it as a gloomy, creepy place.

Anyway, after checking in, we went straight to Club Street, which was only one MRT station away. Our main destination was actually Books Actually but then we just knew that they have moved :( Thankfully there were many other interesting places at Club Street and Ann Siang Hill. We visited this shop selling knick-knacks named Little Drom Store. The store was quite tiny, but I gotta say their tote bags, notebooks, pins etc are cute. The products mostly came from famous designers. I didn’t buy any though, since the price was kinda expensive for my wallet. Another store that we entered was Wood in Books, which specializes in children’s book stories. They also sell cute notebooks, bookmarkers and postcards. The last shop before we had some coffee at Shots was Trolley. The concept is similar to Little Drom Store although the stuffs aren’t as fancy as LDS. I did buy something though, a cat strap for my mobile phone. Like what I’ve mentioned before, we had some drink at Shots. They don’t sell too many choices of food and drinks, but the place is quite nice to hang out with your friends. Club Street isn’t crowded, so sitting outside to have some coffee (or any other drink) is one of the best ways to enjoy the street.

Wood in Books, pretty, yep?

Since the night was still young, we went to Orchard, particularly Kinokuniya and HMV. At Kinokuniya I grabbed some magazines (how could I say no to mags with TVXQ and Chunnie as the cover?!), and at HMV I bought some CDs for myself and for my friends. I was searching for The Secret Code but HMV didn’t have it, so I bought the blue edition of Tone (so it means I have two editions of the album teehee).

The next day, we spent our morning walking around Boat Quay and taking lots of pictures. I’m glad the weather was really friendly during the weekend since our last trip to SG was nothing but rain all day long. We went to Takashimaya again because I had a plan to meet Harm, my Singaporean friend. We had known each other since 2002 but that’s the first time we meet in person :D She’s a nice person to talk to and she shared so many interesting stories about her life. Glad to have met you, Harm! We should hang out longer next time :D

The view of Boat Quay.

Done with the rendezvous! Our next place to visit was Cat Socrates at Bras Basah Complex. And I’m sooooo in love with the store! I went kinda wild and bought some cute, lovely things like tote bags, small mirrors, and a necklace. I wish I had brought more money though, since the stuffs sold there are too precious to be missed! Cat Socrates is surely my new favourite place in town! If you like knick-knacks, that is one place you totally won’t miss.

A sweet trip, indeed!

This short-trip was indeed refreshing. I got to visit places and hip spots I had never gone before, did new things and enjoyed the city in a new way. I’ll fly there again to attend TVXQ’s fanmeeting in early December. I just hope Singapore won’t get bored of me :p So see you again with another update on, hopefully, TVXQ’s fan party!
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2011-11-15 11:01 am
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15. Long days, a short update

Life has been, hell yeah, hectic! I don't know how many times I've said or written this, but really, it's like there isn't any single day where my mind is completely blank from everything (not that I want it to, just my hyperbole of language). My days have been full of teaching, checking assignments, planning the new course outlines and translating stuffs. I even have to let go some chapters of the translation because I'm afraid that I won't be able to handle it all.

Well, I can take a short break at the moment since the students are having their mid-exams. No, please don't remind me that after that I'll have to check the exam sheets. I just want to enjoy this temporary holiday. Oh, speaking of holiday, my friend Sherz and I are going to Singapore this weekend. Yes, our short getaway. We're gonna explore some bookstores, stationary shops and cafes in that city. Our plan is kinda full, but I hope we can visit all of the places. Yes, I'm excited.

Another thing that gets me excited is that I'm going to attend TVXQ's fanmeeting in December. I got the ticket already, and my heart is bouncing in excitement! I really can't wait for it! You guys know how much I love DB5K, and I'm sure it'd be better if I could see the five of them on stage. But for now, while waiting for the five of them to come back together, I'm gonna see Yunho and Changmin rock my world (and hopefully after that JYJ, amen!)!

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2011-11-04 12:17 pm
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14. To live is to do

I want to

Run between the skying sunflowers. Enjoy the sunshine with a cup of iced caramel latte in hand. Cry after reading a beautifully mushy romance. Go to a city where nobody knows me and just enjoy each and every second of the foreign place. Meet someone that could melt me with his talent and sweetness. Have someone to sing for me with a piano. Say this out loud, “Dear life, I’m hard to beat.”

And I wanna thank these guys who could always sing this beautifully.

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2011-10-21 09:04 pm
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13. Chun and Zelda

It's been a sucky day, I mean it. I got this news that causes such a dilemma in my heart, I had to attend this oh-so-boring discussion and to top that, I was stuck in a heavy traffic jam due to heavy rain. I was totally exhausted mentally and physically. Tears were just streaming when I was in the taxi on my way home.

But when I got home and saw this video, I feel so so much better :')

I've been Chunnified, and I can't complain.
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2011-10-03 02:26 pm
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12. This dual life

Last week was a busy one for this lecturer. It’s already the third week for this new term and I had to juggle between lecturing, checking assignments (so many of them!) and managing my JJA application. Thankfully I could handle them quite well, even though right after I got home I went nowhere besides my bed. And I still have around twelve weeks to go dealing with this. Argh.

At the same time, it was a fantastic week for my other side of life as a fangirl. Both TVXQ and JYJ released their new albums and my copies have been shipped by Yesasia. Hopefully it’ll arrive this week :) Also, my sister bought me Hard-Fi’s new album when she went to Singapore. Killer Sounds is the third album from these Staines boys and they’re just getting better and better. Their music is rocking, groovy, rich and roaring! Knowing them from the start, I’m proud that they musically have come this far. I’ll try to find time to write a proper review about this album.

And have I told you that I can’t stop listening to JYJ’s You’re? It’s such a beautiful and sweet song sung by beautiful voices. How can I not love these guys? <3

I also had a short trip to Bandung last weekend. It’s supposed to be a place to relieve my stress but man, Bandung was really crowded and it’s not that cold anymore. I stayed at Amaris Hotel in Cihampelas, which was quite comfortable but the area around it, man, it’s packed with people! I dunno, I no longer find Bandung that interesting anymore.
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2011-09-02 04:53 pm
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07. The pig's life, here I come

On this year’s Eid, our house was packed by our relatives. My granny living in my house is the oldest in the family right now, so all my aunties and uncles along with their children paid some visit. Our living room was really crowded, I can tell you. It was quite fun if only the weather wasn’t that hot at that time. Sadly, some relatives from my dad’s family were not able to come while actually they’re the ones who always make the atmosphere livelier. They’re Manadonese, that’s why :) After the Eid, I still have around two weeks before the new term begins. I don’t have any particular plan, so I’ll just spend the rest of the holiday watching Cowboy Bebop and Detroit Metal City, eating much and lazying around. In other words, I’ll be living the pig’s life until my students won’t recognize me when I come into the class. On the second day I already started my pig’s life though, by drinking lots of sugary beverages and munching lots of fatty food. The weight I’ve lost during Ramadan, I’m sure it’ll be back in weeks *sigh*.

picture from Books Actually Facebook account

Anyway (the easiest way to change the topic of the convo), I recently read a magazine article about chic stationary shops in Singapore. It makes me think how fun it’ll be to run a stationary shop (since I’m a stationary whore, FYI)! The interior will look like Books Actually, a very cool book shop also in Singapore, with some vintage atmosphere. It’ll sell cute notebooks, pencils, pens and other stuffs created by the most creative people in Jakarta. Next to the shop, there’ll also be a coffee shop where I can do my translation while checking the customers in both shops. And you my best friends, you can also hang out there as you like. Awwwww, sounds too good to be true, yes? Even imagining it already gives me this excitement. Now who’s willing to give me much money so I can start my fashionable stationary shop? :D
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2011-08-29 10:56 pm
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06. Name the song that: can't leave your head at the moment

Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun Jung

I'm not a fan of Kim Hyun Jung. In fact, I used to dislike him :p but since my sis kept telling me that this is a good song, I tried to listen to it. Then hey, it is a simple yet good song! And even though it sounds sweet, it's actually a bitter song, they said. So, a soundtrack for a sad summer, we can call it?

Maybe those people are right. You shouldn't extremely hate something. You might end up loving it at the end :p
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2011-08-21 09:15 pm
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05. To go, to discover and to feel

I recently had a rendezvous with my college friends, and three of them asked me the same question, ‘So, what’s your upcoming trip plan?’. Wow, do I look like someone who travels a lot now? But yeah, now I can say I gain huge happiness from travelling, very different with my old-homey-self. Every trip plan (including to watch a gig abroad) always gets me really excited and gives me more spirit to work harder. And at the moment, I don’t have any trip ahead so life is kinda dull. Boo.

So what kind of traveller am I? The word traveller is somehow identical with adventure, right, and I don’t think I enjoy adventurous trips that much. I prefer strolling around in the city (yes, I do enjoy cities) or walking along the beach. I realized how much I enjoy looking at the architectures, finding a perfect place to sit and just enjoying the whole urban scenery, accompanied by a cup of coffee. Each city has its own sound and colour, and that’s what I always try to hear and see everytime I spend some minutes to sit down.

I’m not a luxurious tourist, but I’m not a budget traveller either. I’m not really picky when it comes to food. I mean, I can eat something from the hawkers (as long as it’s halal and clean of course). But when it is about accommodation, I can say I’m quite fussy, especially the bathroom. It has to be squeaky clean! I don’t want to take a bath in a dirty bath tub after such a tiring day >.< Oh, back to food and beverages, when travelling, my money also always goes to beverages in the minimarket :p I love various tea and coffee and the easiest and the cheapest way to find them is in the minimarket like 7-11. A simple thing but somehow it makes my trip more fun hahaha.

For now, I wanna see the rest of Asia such as Korea, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan. I’m really saving hard for that! And as a reminder that I need to see the whole world, I bought this postcard at Singapore Art of Museum.

Cheers for more trips to come!
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2011-08-18 10:29 am
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04. Name the song that: recently made you cry

Starting from this entry, I’ll try to share some songs that have done/given something to me, either in good ways or bad ways (mostly are good, I hope). I’ll also post the video in case you wanna hear the song. Now let’s do the first one with the song that recently made me cry.

I think it was one night in June when I first listened to this song. I was alone in my room, and it’s almost midnight. I didn’t remember exactly why but I was really down and emotionally exhausted at that time, and the lyric of the song really got me. The song plus the bad mood equal tears. Yes, I couldn’t handle it anymore so I cried. Actually I was having a chat with a friend, and when I told her that I was crying, she gave me a big hug and wished that she could be there to give me a real hug instead of the virtual one. That’s very sweet, Sindi, thank you :) And until now, this is JYJ’s song that has had such a huge impact on me.
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2011-08-11 08:10 pm
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03. Holy holiday

I can happily say that I’ve done my teaching task for this short term. And you know what time is it now? It’s time for holiday! Hooray! The new term will begin on September 19th, so it means I have free time for about one month. I have no special plan though, and for Lebaran, as usual I’ll be celebrating it in Jakarta with my family. I’m just gonna spend my holiday with good music and funny Korean TV shows. Actually I used to read lots of books during holiday, but I guess my IQ is getting smaller since I suck at finishing books lately! A few days ago I tried to read Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath but I fail to continue reading it. I don’t know whether the book is boring (because the narrator is rambling too much) or just like what I said before, my IQ is degrading ... And compared with my achievement in reading 50 books in 2009, this year I’ve finished only 11 books. Gah, what’s wrong with my brain?!

So! Since I don’t know what to say next, I’m just gonna make a list. This one is the list of my current fav songs. Go check it!

1. Mr. Simple – Super Junior
The band that pushed me to the land of K-pop fandom is back with a new single and a new album. When I first listened to this song, I was like ‘What the ...?’. It sounds like a Pantura disco song! But then I became addicted to this song because it’s just so damn catchy! The MV is visually entertaining too. I love their colourful blazers in it, and the way they play with ropes? I can’t help but thinking dirty harharhar.

2. Heart is A Beating Drum – The Kills
My fav boy/girl duo delivered a dirty and rocking new album this year. How I wish they were really a couple in real life ...

3. Found You – JYJ
The soundtrack for Chun’s drama. A very sweet song about finding your another half in life. I believe I’ll bawl my eyes out when seeing them performing this right in front of me.

4. Monalisa – MBLAQ
I totally like their concept for this mini album, like they’re coming out of a Rocky Horror Show-ish (I kinda forgot the title, sorry) film with Latin-inspired music.

5. Still Life – The Horrors
The Horrors have found their true music, and this surreal song is just too cool. Lemme repeat it, cooooool.
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2011-08-07 04:09 am
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01. Writing, words, wonder

Writing has always been a therapy for me. No matter what I feel is, I always consider writing as the best way to express it. And it always works wonder everytime I feel angry or sad, in particular. It’s like, when my feelings are transferred into words, I experience this huge sense of relief. It might not eliminate the anger or the sadness completely. But it makes me feel way better at least.

Words are also my kind of escapism. Sometimes real life can be boring or frustrating, we just can’t help it. And through words, especially through stories, I create my own world where everything is so much better, everything is much more beautiful. That’s the magic of imagination, isn’t it?

When I make an imaginary story about myself (let’s just say another life of mine), I always think about happy things. Or sometimes things that I wouldn’t do in real life. Some people might think this is one form of mental disorder (hahaha), but for me it’s a kind of imagination trip: where my mind explores all ideas/inspiration that come into my brain. Yes, you can call it an escapism. I don’t mind that.

So it’s a therapy. It’s an escapism. Whatever it is, writing gives me a lot of precious things. And I’ll keep writing. I’ll keep treating words as my best friend :)