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On this year’s Eid, our house was packed by our relatives. My granny living in my house is the oldest in the family right now, so all my aunties and uncles along with their children paid some visit. Our living room was really crowded, I can tell you. It was quite fun if only the weather wasn’t that hot at that time. Sadly, some relatives from my dad’s family were not able to come while actually they’re the ones who always make the atmosphere livelier. They’re Manadonese, that’s why :) After the Eid, I still have around two weeks before the new term begins. I don’t have any particular plan, so I’ll just spend the rest of the holiday watching Cowboy Bebop and Detroit Metal City, eating much and lazying around. In other words, I’ll be living the pig’s life until my students won’t recognize me when I come into the class. On the second day I already started my pig’s life though, by drinking lots of sugary beverages and munching lots of fatty food. The weight I’ve lost during Ramadan, I’m sure it’ll be back in weeks *sigh*.

picture from Books Actually Facebook account

Anyway (the easiest way to change the topic of the convo), I recently read a magazine article about chic stationary shops in Singapore. It makes me think how fun it’ll be to run a stationary shop (since I’m a stationary whore, FYI)! The interior will look like Books Actually, a very cool book shop also in Singapore, with some vintage atmosphere. It’ll sell cute notebooks, pencils, pens and other stuffs created by the most creative people in Jakarta. Next to the shop, there’ll also be a coffee shop where I can do my translation while checking the customers in both shops. And you my best friends, you can also hang out there as you like. Awwwww, sounds too good to be true, yes? Even imagining it already gives me this excitement. Now who’s willing to give me much money so I can start my fashionable stationary shop? :D
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I recently had a rendezvous with my college friends, and three of them asked me the same question, ‘So, what’s your upcoming trip plan?’. Wow, do I look like someone who travels a lot now? But yeah, now I can say I gain huge happiness from travelling, very different with my old-homey-self. Every trip plan (including to watch a gig abroad) always gets me really excited and gives me more spirit to work harder. And at the moment, I don’t have any trip ahead so life is kinda dull. Boo.

So what kind of traveller am I? The word traveller is somehow identical with adventure, right, and I don’t think I enjoy adventurous trips that much. I prefer strolling around in the city (yes, I do enjoy cities) or walking along the beach. I realized how much I enjoy looking at the architectures, finding a perfect place to sit and just enjoying the whole urban scenery, accompanied by a cup of coffee. Each city has its own sound and colour, and that’s what I always try to hear and see everytime I spend some minutes to sit down.

I’m not a luxurious tourist, but I’m not a budget traveller either. I’m not really picky when it comes to food. I mean, I can eat something from the hawkers (as long as it’s halal and clean of course). But when it is about accommodation, I can say I’m quite fussy, especially the bathroom. It has to be squeaky clean! I don’t want to take a bath in a dirty bath tub after such a tiring day >.< Oh, back to food and beverages, when travelling, my money also always goes to beverages in the minimarket :p I love various tea and coffee and the easiest and the cheapest way to find them is in the minimarket like 7-11. A simple thing but somehow it makes my trip more fun hahaha.

For now, I wanna see the rest of Asia such as Korea, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan. I’m really saving hard for that! And as a reminder that I need to see the whole world, I bought this postcard at Singapore Art of Museum.

Cheers for more trips to come!

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