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The show is finally over in such a grand way. Yes, the last day of Super Show 4 Indonesia has ended, and it leaves me with mixed emotion. It’s given me such beautiful and touching memories. I can still recall our feelings when the rumour of the show spread out. We were extremely nervous and excited. Also during the chaotic ticket selling day which basically drained out our energy, anger and tears. Somehow all of these will be memorable.

On day 3 of SS4 INA, my friends and I bought the Junior VIP tribune tickets. If in Super Box we could happily witness Super Junior frolicking around right in front of us, this time we could see almost the whole stage. Note the word ‘almost’ since we couldn’t see the boys when they were moving to the frontest part of stage. However, from our position the magnificent big screen and lighting were clearly seen, which gave me a big awe.

If the first day was full of joy and happiness, the finale was more moving for me, knowing that the curtain would be closed and the magical weekend would end soon. The boys were still playful as ever, but in several occasions you could see how they were touched by the warm appreciation from the crowd. It was obvious how Eunhyuk and Shindong were trying to hold back their tears. Sungmin, whom we know rarely showed his tears, seemed a bit teary-eyed. He even wrote in his cy-world how he was crying in his room :’)

The security was even stricter during the last day so I didn’t get any picture of the show. These are the highlights of the show though:

- Rokkugo was fun as always. Hearing the intro already made us excited, and the boys never fail to entertain us with this number :D

- Our Love was probably the most touching (see, I use this word a lot to describe the finale!) one during the whole performance. When the blue balloons and the confettis fell down from the ceiling, it’s just a wonderful sight to behold and there’s this wonderful emotion to feel.

- Oppa Oppa will forever makes me wanna move my body and go to the dance floor hahaha. Each day EunHae wore different suits, and on the last day they were wearing the signature mustard and ketchup suit :D

- Wookie was laughing during his solo! When the female dancer was standing in front of him, he just couldn’t surpress his laughter and almost didn’t sing his lyrics. Hahaha, this cute boy :D

- Somebody threw a monkey mask to the stage. I think it was Hae who wore it and tried to kiss Wookie with it. Or was it Siwon who wore it? Correct me if I’m wrong :) Another funny thing is when Shindong took Lee Soo Man’s banner from the audience hahahaha.

- Teukie took a very long bow after the show. To be honest, I almost shed tears watching that, knowing that he will enlist in military service this year. I bet many ELFs were feeling the same way too. Our hysterical leader, we <3 you!

- During that famous pocket-shaking choreography in History, the camera really focused on EXO-M’s pockets it made me giggle for no clear reason hahaha.

- At the end of the show, they were playing with the water fountain. Yesung didn’t want to at first, pretending to be sick, but then the others successfully forced him hahaha. Everyone got wet in the end! SJ even splashed water to EXO-M boys. Speaking of it, the crowd still sang and turned on the lighsticks during EXO-M’s performance. There was only a tiny number of them who turned if off. You guys didn’t matter, booooo :p

Writing down this entry has made me emotional a bit. Just can’t help it hahaha. Once again, thank you for this happy feeling you’ve shared to us, SJ. We’ll never forget it, and do come back soon! Big thanks also goes to Relawan Konser. It was such a hella fun experience watching Super Show with you all. Huge love to each of you! <3

More gigs to come for me: MBLAQ in June and The Stone Roses in July in Singapore. Junsu from JYJ will also have his solo concert here although there isn’t any confirmation from the promotor. Crossing my fingers for that! ;)
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Took another impulsive decision and didn’t regret anything at all! My initial plan was to watch Super Show 4 Indonesia only on Sunday, which is the last day, but then a special offer came so I finally watched the first day! WHAT CAN I SAY IT WAS JUST SUPERB. I could move on from my bad experience in SS3 VN and now I have an amazing experience and memories with Super Junior!

Luckily, my friends and I got Super Box ticket only for half price. What’s even cooler we got the best spot so we could see the boys running around and waving in front of us! We even witnessed how sexy actually Kyu’s butt is hahahaha. Oh, first about the venue. The venue (Mata Elang International Stadium) is located near Ancol beach, so we can comfortably hang around while waiting. Such a great place for music events, yes? :)


Okay I still can’t think coherently there are many things in my head right now. I don’t know where to start, honestly hahahaha.

The show started with Superman, which is a perfect choice. An epic song that made me shiver seeing the bluesticks glowing from all directions in the venue. And when the boys finally came out I screamed on the top of my lungs because they were so close I couldn’t believe it! Next was Opera, arrrghhh I love it so much! The dance, the heavy beat and the moving stage, blended into one awesome performance. Absolutely one of my favs! Bonamana rock version was ohhhhsome too. It sounded a bit weird first to me, but then the boys just blew me away up up to the sky. They rocked for sure!


Another performance that made me fully dance was Oppa Oppa by Eunhyuk and Donghae. The venue turned into a disco party I enjoyed it to the max, yayyyy! :D During the song we could see how EunHae were very happy they kept slapping each other’s face hahahaha.


(You see, I lost my ability to write in an organized way. I’m totally random! So let’s just write it in list)

- We had a big laugh watching the Sound of Music part. Siwon as Captain Von Trapp was so sexy in that uniform *____*

- Hae was super dashing. He took one fan’s cellphone and I don’t know, he might be phoning someone or record his voice. A lucky fan indeed.

- Kyu’s rendition of Isn’t She Lovely was lovely <3 I like the part when Kyu in the screen was complaining why he sings ballad most of the times xD. And I don’t get it why Kyu can be totally evil and we still love him that much!

- Wookie and Sungmin were cutie, cutie pies. When they were walking in front of me I could see their flawless skin. But Wookie as Gollum was just nasteeeh hahaha and Min as Marilyn Monroe was sensual (again, his flawless shoulder *sigh*)


- Teukie, our leader, sang She. I was afraid he might lose his breath and collapse because as we know, he’s not that *cough*young*cough* and this guy often got too excited.

- Shindong had a solo dance performance to an Indonesian song by Vidi Aldiano. A nice one, methink :)


-Yesung as Chucky .... I lost words. The image suited him a lot hahaha. This boy does have an amazing voice though!

- When EXO-M suddenly appeared on stage I couldn’t help myself x) I just squealed happily. What makes me so proud is there’s no black ocean for them. We even sang to History. That’s what respect is, kids, salute!

The blue baloons, the blue ocean, the happiness you have given to us, Super Junior! Thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3 Now I just can’t wait for another ohsomazing experience on Sunday! :)

Ps: Haters now can eat their heart out. Super Junior were so nice to EXO-M boys, and EXO-M boys showed their big respect to their seniors. So why the unnecessary fandom wars?

Pssstt, here’s a bonus :p
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Went to Beast’s concert (or known as Beautiful Show) last Saturday and had such a blast! I’m not a huge fan of them but I did enjoy the whole performance. I think overall the boys were all entertaining, and what attracted me the most was the lighting. From where I sat it was magnificent, especially the opening part! Most of the times I went whoaaaa because of that :D I also went quite wild when they performed I Like You The Best, which is my favourite <3 They looked so casual during the song, and it just felt right because the song itself has this happy tone. Another song that made me go wawawiwa was of course Fiction.

Some highlights of the show:
1. Hyunseung was forever 4D. He often did this weird pose. By himself. But it’s obvious how he really enjoyed the show :)
2. Seobie was so cuuuuute. And when a girl was taken to the stage, he took off his jacket to cover the girl’s thighs since she’s wearing shorts. Ain’t that sweet?
3. Talking about that, yes that girl was so damn lucky! Beast’s members hugged her, gave her flowers and a teddy bear and held her hand during You. I bet other Beauties were envying her so much! Well I even got a bit jealous too x)
4. When talking about a place to date in Jakarta, they were talking about Monas and Pulau Seribu. I mean, guyssss, even us Jakartans won’t answer that hahaha.
5. The translator was a bit annoying though. I really appreciate how he tried to translate the sentences into casual Indonesian language, but for some parts they sounded weird to me :/

Next concert? MBLAQ is confirmed to play in Jakarta this June. How about this super concert in April? Let’s just wait for the good news ;) *crossing fingers*

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