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Last Thursday I got a very special chance to attend Han Geng’s press conference in Djakarta Theatre. Yes, you read it right, HAN GENG. And my heart basically screamed OMG GENG IS ONLY TWO METERS AWAY FROM ME! Invited by Indovision and Celestial Movie, Geng came to Indonesia to promote his debut film My Kingdom, the review can be read in my previous entry, and I got this opportunity to join the press conference after winning a competition from Jagoan Film Asia’s FB account. You have to know that when I got the news that I won, I almost burst into tears (or maybe I did) :p Geng is one of my biases in Super Junior and I thought I wouldn’t be able to see him because his TV appearance was due in the morning and I had a teaching schedule. But thank God I won the contest after composing boot-licking words to praise his appearance in the movie hahaha.


On the day of press conference, I was so nervous I couldn’t have my lunch! I know it sounds really silly but that’s what I felt xD After finishing three classes, I immediately took a cab to Plaza Indonesia to meet my sister and Pia. Both of them were present at a TV show in which Geng was interviewed and saw with their own eyes how one host was being impolite to Geng. Due to that, it was said that Geng was annoyed and requested to be interviewed in a private room. I didn’t watch the TV show so I don’t know exactly what happened, but if Geng (who’s famous as being sweet and nice) was sulking, wow, the host must have acted really inappropriately! Also, because of that incident, the management decided not to have a special meet and greet with the winners. Disappointed? You bet I was! Thanks to you, the ill-mannered host!


However, we’re still allowed to attend the press conference and I still had to be thankful for that precious chance. When we arrived at the venue, it was still quite empty. I didn’t see many fans around. Yet when we went upstairs to the lounge, my student who also came said that the parking lot was already full of Geng’s fans! I could imagine how chaotic it was! What scared me was that instead of supporting Geng as an actor and a solo singer, they would come and bring Super Junior’s attributes. And yes, some of them did that (even Hanchul’s attributes? Tsk!). Well, what could I do? :(

Now let’s get back to the most important business, which was Geng’s press conference! When Geng came into the room, I was astonished because he looked so simple yet so gorgeous with black suits and eye-glasses! These pics that I took didn’t show his gorgeousness but he was, he was! He’s not that tall, or maybe because I’m used to my little bro’s height, but he has this slim-figure of a dancer, which made me go awwwww! And I kept on telling myself that this was the person I often saw on MVs, live performance and TV shows. NOW HE IS IN FRONT OF ME, DAMMIT. During the press conference, he smiled shyly but at the same time showed his professional confidence by looking at the eyes of each journalist who asked him a question. And oh my how he got this comforting and soft stare <3 (okay, this post is getting fan-girlish, can’t help it LOL).


Before Geng came, the MC had told us to avoid questions about Super Junior because it’s a sensitive topic. One TV journalist was stupid though or maybe she didn’t hear the MC’s warning, she STILL asked a question about Super Junior! The MC then told the translator that it’s okay if Geng doesn’t want to answer the question, yet Geng was being polite and didn’t mind answering the question. I don’t remember much what his answer is, but he said he had learned much from his previous group (he didn’t mention the name). I guess that implies that after all he still thanked them, yes? So stop saying that he’s forgotten Super Junior!

To show my support for his solo career, I brought along my Geng Xin DVD and there was one time when a journalist in front of me asked a question to Geng. Since Geng was looking at my direction, I lifted up the DVD above the journo’s head so he could see it. And I guess HE SAW IT since there were some seconds when he looked over the journo’s head. I do hope he saw it! <3 Well personally, and I might be attacked by some ELFs for having this opinion, I don’t want him to come back to Super Junior. The reason is because Geng has this huge talent as a singer and an actor, and by being a solo artist, he has more space to develop his career. I fully support him for that!


The press conference lasted for about 30 minutes, then after that there was a pop-quiz. The winners got My Kingdom poster and got a chance to take a picture of him and even got a hug argghhhh! I wasn’t that lucky, boooo. But I dunno, maybe if I won and stood beside him, I might not be able to control myself. I’m afraid I might hurt Geng LOL. Another highlight of the presscon is when he said ‘Aku cinta kamu’ with his soft voice and I JUST WENT AWWWWW again. Actually it’s kinda funny how during the presscon I was able to control myself, but after that, when I met Pia and Evi the magnae who were waiting outside, I went quite wild and even tweeted naughty naughty things xD Until now, when I watch the fan-cams and see the pics, it still feels surreal that there was a moment when Geng was right there in front of me. Han Geng himself, the man whom I admire for his talent, courage and kind heart :’)


Good luck for your upcoming projects, Geng! You always have my support <3 <3 <3

Ps: huge thanks to my sis, Pia and Evi for the madness of the day *smooches*
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Honestly, the reason I wanted to see the movie is, of course, Han Geng. After quitting from Super Junior, he’s trying hard to pursue his own career by releasing an album, holding his own concert (Geng Xin, which is awesome) and this time, playing in a movie. I might sound biased, but for his first movie, his acting is good! I believe his background as a dancer also contributed the reason why he’s chosen for this role. Despite of Geng’s gorgeous debut, this film is also interesting in its own way, especially because it takes the setting of Chinese classic opera and exposes the intrigues behind it.


The main plot is about the competition between Chinese classic opera performers added with some exciting spices of revenge, love and murder. Besides Geng, Barbie Xu (you know her in Meteor Garden and Wu Chun from Fahrenheit also appear and fit their characters well. Geng plays as Er Kui, a boy saved from a clan murder because he has the talent to be a performer. While Wu Chun plays the confident Yi Long, the opposite of Er Kui who’s more quiet and humble. The two of them come to Shanghai to take a revenge for their teacher. The plot seems cliche, eh? Yet as the story goes, there are some unexpected things I found, and it made me think that this movie doesn’t rely only on Geng and Wuchun’s appearance here. One thing I must underline is the ending, which satisfies me much :)

The setting fascinated me too. Shanghai in the early 20th century is a complex city, the place where East and West meet (although this issue isn’t the main concern in this movie). What’s more interesting is the Chinese opera environment where conflicts emerge. I was in awe looking at the heavy costumes and make-up that they wear. Chinese classic opera is indeed, a true heritage.

If you’re a fan of Han Geng, I’m pretty much sure this movie will give you lots of eye-gasm hahaha. But if you’re not, the quite-surprising story line and the martial art are something that you can always enjoy. I just can’t wait to see what Geng will do next to shine his light. An Asian star in the making :)
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I’ve seen this live performance of DB5K (or TVXQ in Chinese, Tohoshinki in Japan) several times but only lately I realized how AWE-to-the-SOME it is. It’s a performance in 2008 from Gayodaejun event, and DB5K sang two songs, Wrong Number and Mirotic, which is one of my favs ever! I once said I could write a long blog entry about this oh-so-damn-great performance. I’m not sure it won’t be long but I’m pretty convinced it’ll be full of fangirlish blabbering :D

First of all, I wanna say how much I adore their appearance here. For an event like this of course they should look classy and oh my boys, they really pulled it well! I love the combination of the black blazer, the stripey shirt and the white trousers <3 Although their basic outfit is the same, the stylist put a special touch to each member that suits their personality. Junsu’s outfit is the simplest since I think it reflects him. Both Yoochun and Changmin are wearing a bow-tie, which I think fits them well, due to their fresh personality. Changmin looks more classic though with his black shoes. Like Junsu, Jaejoong is not wearing any tie, and his blazer is that long-tail one. And to strengthen his sexy image, he’s wearing a white vest with his shirt unbuttoned. Meanwhile, Yunho’s blazer is long and he’s wearing a red tie. What can I say, each of them is just gorgeous here, they all succeeded in taking my breath away (hahaha my bias is Yoochun, but I must say that I love them all equally). Not to mention they all look best with dark-coloured hair!

I feel like a fashion police in my previous paragraph hahaha. Well, moving on to their performance! They started with Wrong Number, and for the opening, they came to the stage one by one, according to their turn in this song. I love the stage direction which arranges them to come to the stage from different places (too bad the camera didn’t shoot Jaejoong when he appeared from his entrance). Wrong Number was well performed but my favourite is Mirotic. They sang it with a live band therefore it is more more more splendid! Lemme repeat it again with capital letters, SPLENDID! Maybe because if you sing accompanied by a live band, you have more chances to improvise your act and it sounds more natural, yes? I think that’s what DB5K did here. There are some improvisation in several singing and dancing parts! That’s what makes this Mirotic is different with other Mirotics. Also the string section was there, ladies and gentlemen! It has made the song even more grand! I heart this performance so so much you can tell from the adjectives I’ve used <3 <3 After such a sexy performance, of course they had to end it gloriously. And do you have any idea what they did? Watch and you know why I always drool so hard over the ending LOL. Hint: Changmin, Yunho and Yoochun suddenly took off their ties because they had to do something precious :p

The day Dong Bang Shin Ki get back together again as five, I know I will explode like bombs.
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When I watched the first several minutes from JYJ’s 3hree Voices 2, I told myself that I wouldn’t like it. Because I knew that it would be heartbreaking. Since the beginning (of each episode), the atmosphere has been built around memories and melancholy. Every part starts with each JYJ’s member humming to Fallen Leaves, a beautifully sad song. Then just like what they did in 3hree Voices, JYJ take us to explore some places while sharing their thoughts and feelings. This time they go to the same city, which is Tokyo, visiting spots that have a special position in their hearts.

In the first DVD, the members look cheerful while enjoying their holiday. There are also some cute scenes that make you laugh. While here, since this is Tokyo, the place they’re really familiar with, they contemplate more. It’s not a vacation, but more like a pilgrimage. If you know JYJ’s history, you’ll understand why they seem to be really sad when sharing their Tokyo memories. I can’t help feeling this little pang of sadness in my heart when Junsu says that one day he’d like to see 4 or perhaps 5 Voices in the future. Of course you know whom he refers to. And seeing Yoochun shedding a tear at the end of his episode, it just adds the dose of touching parts to the whole DVD.

Worry not, the DVD doesn’t always expose the sad parts, but it also shows us their casual moments, such as Jaejoong having a drink with his close friend, Yoochun goofying at a playground and Junsu happily playing table tennis. Those are ordinary things for us to do, but to them who are always exposed by the media and (physically and virtually) surrounded by their fans, these little things mean much (still, there are some scenes that show their fans appearing during the shooting).

Without meaning to take any side since I love TVX2 as well, I must say that I’ve learned many lessons from JYJ, one of which is to bravely follow your heart, no matter what the consequence is. I do hope in the future they can share more beautiful songs to their fans, perform on many more stages and most importantly, always be happy and even happier in what they do. To take the excerpt of the novel that closes the DVD, I believe the grasshoppers will find their blue sky :)

Thanks to @byuchon for sharing me the happiness <3
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On this year’s Eid, our house was packed by our relatives. My granny living in my house is the oldest in the family right now, so all my aunties and uncles along with their children paid some visit. Our living room was really crowded, I can tell you. It was quite fun if only the weather wasn’t that hot at that time. Sadly, some relatives from my dad’s family were not able to come while actually they’re the ones who always make the atmosphere livelier. They’re Manadonese, that’s why :) After the Eid, I still have around two weeks before the new term begins. I don’t have any particular plan, so I’ll just spend the rest of the holiday watching Cowboy Bebop and Detroit Metal City, eating much and lazying around. In other words, I’ll be living the pig’s life until my students won’t recognize me when I come into the class. On the second day I already started my pig’s life though, by drinking lots of sugary beverages and munching lots of fatty food. The weight I’ve lost during Ramadan, I’m sure it’ll be back in weeks *sigh*.

picture from Books Actually Facebook account

Anyway (the easiest way to change the topic of the convo), I recently read a magazine article about chic stationary shops in Singapore. It makes me think how fun it’ll be to run a stationary shop (since I’m a stationary whore, FYI)! The interior will look like Books Actually, a very cool book shop also in Singapore, with some vintage atmosphere. It’ll sell cute notebooks, pencils, pens and other stuffs created by the most creative people in Jakarta. Next to the shop, there’ll also be a coffee shop where I can do my translation while checking the customers in both shops. And you my best friends, you can also hang out there as you like. Awwwww, sounds too good to be true, yes? Even imagining it already gives me this excitement. Now who’s willing to give me much money so I can start my fashionable stationary shop? :D
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Kiss Kiss by Kim Hyun Jung

I'm not a fan of Kim Hyun Jung. In fact, I used to dislike him :p but since my sis kept telling me that this is a good song, I tried to listen to it. Then hey, it is a simple yet good song! And even though it sounds sweet, it's actually a bitter song, they said. So, a soundtrack for a sad summer, we can call it?

Maybe those people are right. You shouldn't extremely hate something. You might end up loving it at the end :p
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I recently had a rendezvous with my college friends, and three of them asked me the same question, ‘So, what’s your upcoming trip plan?’. Wow, do I look like someone who travels a lot now? But yeah, now I can say I gain huge happiness from travelling, very different with my old-homey-self. Every trip plan (including to watch a gig abroad) always gets me really excited and gives me more spirit to work harder. And at the moment, I don’t have any trip ahead so life is kinda dull. Boo.

So what kind of traveller am I? The word traveller is somehow identical with adventure, right, and I don’t think I enjoy adventurous trips that much. I prefer strolling around in the city (yes, I do enjoy cities) or walking along the beach. I realized how much I enjoy looking at the architectures, finding a perfect place to sit and just enjoying the whole urban scenery, accompanied by a cup of coffee. Each city has its own sound and colour, and that’s what I always try to hear and see everytime I spend some minutes to sit down.

I’m not a luxurious tourist, but I’m not a budget traveller either. I’m not really picky when it comes to food. I mean, I can eat something from the hawkers (as long as it’s halal and clean of course). But when it is about accommodation, I can say I’m quite fussy, especially the bathroom. It has to be squeaky clean! I don’t want to take a bath in a dirty bath tub after such a tiring day >.< Oh, back to food and beverages, when travelling, my money also always goes to beverages in the minimarket :p I love various tea and coffee and the easiest and the cheapest way to find them is in the minimarket like 7-11. A simple thing but somehow it makes my trip more fun hahaha.

For now, I wanna see the rest of Asia such as Korea, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan. I’m really saving hard for that! And as a reminder that I need to see the whole world, I bought this postcard at Singapore Art of Museum.

Cheers for more trips to come!
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Starting from this entry, I’ll try to share some songs that have done/given something to me, either in good ways or bad ways (mostly are good, I hope). I’ll also post the video in case you wanna hear the song. Now let’s do the first one with the song that recently made me cry.

I think it was one night in June when I first listened to this song. I was alone in my room, and it’s almost midnight. I didn’t remember exactly why but I was really down and emotionally exhausted at that time, and the lyric of the song really got me. The song plus the bad mood equal tears. Yes, I couldn’t handle it anymore so I cried. Actually I was having a chat with a friend, and when I told her that I was crying, she gave me a big hug and wished that she could be there to give me a real hug instead of the virtual one. That’s very sweet, Sindi, thank you :) And until now, this is JYJ’s song that has had such a huge impact on me.
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I can happily say that I’ve done my teaching task for this short term. And you know what time is it now? It’s time for holiday! Hooray! The new term will begin on September 19th, so it means I have free time for about one month. I have no special plan though, and for Lebaran, as usual I’ll be celebrating it in Jakarta with my family. I’m just gonna spend my holiday with good music and funny Korean TV shows. Actually I used to read lots of books during holiday, but I guess my IQ is getting smaller since I suck at finishing books lately! A few days ago I tried to read Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath but I fail to continue reading it. I don’t know whether the book is boring (because the narrator is rambling too much) or just like what I said before, my IQ is degrading ... And compared with my achievement in reading 50 books in 2009, this year I’ve finished only 11 books. Gah, what’s wrong with my brain?!

So! Since I don’t know what to say next, I’m just gonna make a list. This one is the list of my current fav songs. Go check it!

1. Mr. Simple – Super Junior
The band that pushed me to the land of K-pop fandom is back with a new single and a new album. When I first listened to this song, I was like ‘What the ...?’. It sounds like a Pantura disco song! But then I became addicted to this song because it’s just so damn catchy! The MV is visually entertaining too. I love their colourful blazers in it, and the way they play with ropes? I can’t help but thinking dirty harharhar.

2. Heart is A Beating Drum – The Kills
My fav boy/girl duo delivered a dirty and rocking new album this year. How I wish they were really a couple in real life ...

3. Found You – JYJ
The soundtrack for Chun’s drama. A very sweet song about finding your another half in life. I believe I’ll bawl my eyes out when seeing them performing this right in front of me.

4. Monalisa – MBLAQ
I totally like their concept for this mini album, like they’re coming out of a Rocky Horror Show-ish (I kinda forgot the title, sorry) film with Latin-inspired music.

5. Still Life – The Horrors
The Horrors have found their true music, and this surreal song is just too cool. Lemme repeat it, cooooool.
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My fragile fangirl’s heart just exploded because of these next two cuties. This next post will be talking about how they’re gorgeous blah blah so if you’re not into fangirls’ rambling, you might skip this post. But anyway, seeing gorgeous hunks, you don’t want to resist that, right? ;)


This one is Park Yoochun from JYJ. He used to be in this famous Korean boyband named TVXQ but then he quit with his two band-mates. It’s a long story, but the result of his decision is that their previous company often terrorized them like ruining their schedule and such. Okay, let’s leave that aside for a while because I can talk all day long about this injustice towards JYJ.

I think the first time I noticed I had a crush on this guy is when TVXQ appeared with Super Junior (one of my obsessions teehee) in their show Exploration of Human Body. He was bullied by the other members but he kept on smiling and laughing. Yep, I guess his cute smile that stole my heart at that time. You know, I kinda like guys who lose their eyes when laughing :D Another reason is because he can talk in English very well! And the way he speaks English is just too sexy (okay, it’s just me, I think)! He also has a great and strong voice too, this guy, I may not forget that fact. Yoochun is an actor too now, but I haven’t got any chance to see his acting yet :p Well I hope his dramas will be aired soon in Indonesia!


Next, lemme introduce you to this young man named Kim Hyung Jun aka Baby. His nickname is Baby since he’s the youngest in his band SS501, and yep, he sometimes acts baby-ishly with his pouts and all. People sometimes doubt his nose because it’s too pointy for an Asian but when I took a look at his childhood pics, his nose is that ‘perfect’. And Baby’s voice, argh, I love it so so so much! His voice has a characteristic so we can easily recognize his voice even when he sings in his group. Now he’s focusing on his solo career. With that voice and that good looks, I’m sure Baby can do well :)

Oh my, writing this entry down somewhat makes me happy haha.

ps: and don't you notice that the two boys are wearing blue? My favourite colour looks good on them , yes? :)
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Writing has always been a therapy for me. No matter what I feel is, I always consider writing as the best way to express it. And it always works wonder everytime I feel angry or sad, in particular. It’s like, when my feelings are transferred into words, I experience this huge sense of relief. It might not eliminate the anger or the sadness completely. But it makes me feel way better at least.

Words are also my kind of escapism. Sometimes real life can be boring or frustrating, we just can’t help it. And through words, especially through stories, I create my own world where everything is so much better, everything is much more beautiful. That’s the magic of imagination, isn’t it?

When I make an imaginary story about myself (let’s just say another life of mine), I always think about happy things. Or sometimes things that I wouldn’t do in real life. Some people might think this is one form of mental disorder (hahaha), but for me it’s a kind of imagination trip: where my mind explores all ideas/inspiration that come into my brain. Yes, you can call it an escapism. I don’t mind that.

So it’s a therapy. It’s an escapism. Whatever it is, writing gives me a lot of precious things. And I’ll keep writing. I’ll keep treating words as my best friend :)

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