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Jun. 11th, 2012 01:44 pm
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Just watched some clips from Tone Live Tour and there’s something inside me exploding. IT WAS SO AWESOME I FEEL LIKE WANT TO CRY. I’m so proud to witness how Yunho and Changmin have improved marvelously in term s of dancing and singing. They used to be known as the worst singer and the worst dancer in the group, but seeing them now, both of them performed amazingly on stage I’m so sure they were born to be up there!

There was so much energy on stage. You can feel it, it just flows out of every pore of theirs. They really enjoyed their songs, the dancers did a great job, and the band just added the right amount of rock atmosphere to the whole performance. How I wish I were there to see this huge awesomeness with my own eyes!

I’m totally impressed by Mirotic performance (and how Tohoshinki look goooood in that white outift that exposes their long legs). This song used to be sung by five members who have different range of vocals, so it’s kinda risky for Yunho and Changmin to perform it. But my God, they nailed it! With new choreography added, Mirotic finally has a new soul . I must say it’s as good as Mirotic in Secret Code Tour, though in a more rocking way.

Other performances that have stolen my heart are Superstar and I Think U Know. Superstar has never been my favourite (dunno why) but the live performance was beyond my expectation. The record version is so dance-y and electronic so I thought it would be difficult for the band to perform it. But glad I was wrong! When the intro came in, the crowd went whoaaa. The bass-line gave the perfect beat to the song, and yes, the band pulled it off. Such a great job, guys :D! Meanwhile, I Think U Know was hella fun! You can it see from the way Yunho and Changmin kept head-banging and thumping their feet. I love it when my boys act like rock stars on stage <3 <3 <3 And when they slided down through the pole? Sexy.

Now I really need the DVD so I can just spazz properly (as if there’s a way to do that lol)! I wanna see my boys shaking Tokyo Dome, I wanna see the grand stage, and I wanna feel this indescribable sensation of watching one great concert in 2012.

Tohoshinki, seriously, what have you done to my hearrrrrrrrt?

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