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I once told myself that I wouldn’t give a damn to the conflict between TVXQ and JYJ and would only focus on the music. I just didn’t want to take side because I do love both groups. But then there is this thing people called curiosity. I finally gave myself the guts to read this famous blog entitled The Truth About TVXQ. At first I hesitated to read it since I believed it would only add some useless burden to my mind. Curiosity won though.

All this time, some questions have popped up in mind, like why did the two decide to stay? If the slave contract is really the problem, why do they go on with it and the three left? And some other confusing questions kept appearing. Yet reading the blog has given me some enlightenment. This is not a pure black/white problem. No true angels or true devils here. I mean, I used to hear the story from one side, but then the problem is not as blatant as that. Each side has their own importance, which I truly understand.

So my conclusion? It still takes a lot of time and energy to solve the problem (and so many blog posts I need to digest!). However, thanks to the blog I now believe that Yunho and Changmin have a strong reason to stay and there’s nothing wrong with that. While for JYJ, they also have the right to leave although now it doesn’t sound very convincing to me. I still love the three though, and they still have my respect as musicians :) One can only hope that the two sides will someday reconcile even though not under the same name.

And here's what we have in April. Eggggzaited yesss?
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