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Went to Beast’s concert (or known as Beautiful Show) last Saturday and had such a blast! I’m not a huge fan of them but I did enjoy the whole performance. I think overall the boys were all entertaining, and what attracted me the most was the lighting. From where I sat it was magnificent, especially the opening part! Most of the times I went whoaaaa because of that :D I also went quite wild when they performed I Like You The Best, which is my favourite <3 They looked so casual during the song, and it just felt right because the song itself has this happy tone. Another song that made me go wawawiwa was of course Fiction.

Some highlights of the show:
1. Hyunseung was forever 4D. He often did this weird pose. By himself. But it’s obvious how he really enjoyed the show :)
2. Seobie was so cuuuuute. And when a girl was taken to the stage, he took off his jacket to cover the girl’s thighs since she’s wearing shorts. Ain’t that sweet?
3. Talking about that, yes that girl was so damn lucky! Beast’s members hugged her, gave her flowers and a teddy bear and held her hand during You. I bet other Beauties were envying her so much! Well I even got a bit jealous too x)
4. When talking about a place to date in Jakarta, they were talking about Monas and Pulau Seribu. I mean, guyssss, even us Jakartans won’t answer that hahaha.
5. The translator was a bit annoying though. I really appreciate how he tried to translate the sentences into casual Indonesian language, but for some parts they sounded weird to me :/

Next concert? MBLAQ is confirmed to play in Jakarta this June. How about this super concert in April? Let’s just wait for the good news ;) *crossing fingers*
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