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This week, we Indonesian K-pop fans just received some good news. First, Beast is going to have a full concert here in Jakarta in March. I’m not that huge fan of Beast but when reading the info, I was soooo happy. I know Beauties out there are extremely in bliss, and I’m happy for them :) Another news is a concert agent also congratulated A+ because MBLAQ is coming too! And I go wawawiwawuuuu! I have to be in the front for MBLAQ! I hope the promotor will announce the date soon! Oh, here’s another piece of happiness for Indonesian K-pop fans. There’ll be a SUPER show in April and a BIG show in June. You can say that we’re all excited :D *crossing fingers*

And to be able to watch all of these concerts, I know I have to work harder. Tough, but I can do it :)

By the way, just got myself a pair of red jeans because I saw Yunho and Yoochun wearing it and it looks so damn good. See, K-pop idols are my new fashion icons (especially Changmin, you super stylish young man!).

Ps: I'm gonna have a black Valentine's day with The Horrors in Bandung. Ex-ci-ted!

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