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The first month of 2012 has just ended, and now we can say: hi there, February! Be kind to us, will you? I won’t talk about work in this entry, because work is work. There’s hardly fun in it (well, in my case it is). I badly need a holiday somewhere, somewhere far from this city and the hecticness it brings. However. Yes, however it’s not that easy to book a tix to fly somewhere. The local promotors have teased us with some dates of Korean music gigs and I don’t want to miss them! Rumours said there’ll be Super Show 4, SM Town, MBLAQ, BEAST and more. Whoaaa, Jakarta will be full of awesome concerts! *crossing my fingers*

One song that I’ve been enjoying so much is EXO’s What Is Love. AND I TOTALLY LOVE THE MV (yes, that has to be in capital letters)! I didn’t care about the numerous teasers SM gave before since I didn’t want to have a certain expectation on them. But looking at the MV, whoaaa I was blown away! I love the beautiful cinematography and editing, and the sci-fi theme is just in the right place. I still can’t identify which member is which because they kinda look alike, don’t they? Yet I’m waiting for more from them. I wanna visit the EXO planet <3

Also, I’m addicted to MBLAQ’s Hello Baby. I really dig MBLAQ members because they’re so adorkable and huggable, and seeing them with cute babies, my heart just goes boom! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. If you don’t fall in love with MBLAQ after the show, there must be something wrong with your heart teehee.

Ciao for now.

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