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December 4th is one of the most unforgettable days in my life as a fangirl. The day when I attended the fan meeting (or fan party, the official name of it) and finally saw two out of my five favourite guys in Korean music scene. I met TVXQ, dear readers, and not only that, I got the precious chance to ask Yunho and Changmin a question directly ;___;

The red ocean, thanks to this little guy.

I wrote in my previous post about my plan to fly to Singapore to see them live. Having done that, I still couldn’t believe it. It still feels surreal! When reminiscing the night, I still can’t believe that I’ve seen HoMin singing, dancing and smiling in front of me. Most importantly, they said hi to me, waved at me and answered my question. After Han Geng, now Yunho and Changmin? I WAS THE LUCKY B*TCH THEY MIGHT SAY.

Let’s start the story from two days before the fan party. I joined two competitions held by the organizer, one was meet and greet session and the other one was Q&A session during the show. I was so disappointed knowing that I didn’t win the first competition. I lost hope and told myself, ‘Okay, maybe not my time yet.’ But the night after that, my friend (mba Elda, it was!) tweeted me, Whatsapp-ed me and even texted me to tell that I was one of the Q&A winners. My reaction? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD and WHAT SHOULD I DO WHAT SHOULD I DO. Yes, I was that surprised and I kept repeating those words x) It’s beyond my expectation to win the competition because personally, compared with other questions, mine is less fun and kinda safe. Well, I guess in the end the chosen questions are the safe ones, and mine also focuses on Yunho and Changmin’s friendship instead of talking about their conflict with JYJ, for example.

On Sunday morning I flew to Singapore and arrived at lunch time. We directly went to Chinatown, where our hostel is located (FYI, it’s a great place!). After having our lunch, taking a rest and abusing the wi-fi, we went to the venue at five since I had to meet the crew for a briefing at 6. Stepping out from National Stadium MRT station, the rain was falling lightly. Why it was always raining every time I attended a K-pop concert I have no idea. Anyway, I panicked a bit because I couldn’t find the crew at the spot mentioned in their text message. I walked here and there, afraid that I was in the wrong spot. Thankfully I managed to the person responsible for Q&A session before it’s too late. She told us that we wouldn’t go on stage (like what we had expected before) but we would be put in the front position of each pen without having to queue. Okay, at least we still have that privilege. So right before the gate was officially opened, four other winners and I were already allowed to come inside the stadium and stood right in the front of the stage. Knowing that they would be that close already made my heart beat faster. Yes, I was getting more nervous. I even had to jot down my question since I feared my mind would go blank when seeing HoMin on stage!

The fan party began half an hour late. Before that, some songs from TVXQ were played (also some of SNSD’s songs, followed by boooooo from the audience hahaha) to pump up our spirit. And then the full MV of Before You Go was played on the big screen. I knew that the show would begin real soon. Phewww, the heart started to beat irregularly again. Then the intro of Maximum was heard, ladies and gentlemen! The dancers came on stage, followed by Yunho! And my response was again, OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Such a lame reaction but that’s what I kept on saying during the first several minutes! Yunho and Changmin were right in front of me I didn’t have any other word to say! The boys performed Maximum, How Can I, Before You Go, the medley of The Way You Are, Mirotic and Rising Sun and the show was closed with Keep Your Head Down. Between each session, we’re given some footage from SM Town and makings of their MVs.

The boys were so energetic that night.

Lemme give my comments about each song. Maximum was perfect to kickstart the fantastic night (the literal kickstart since there were lots of kicks in the choreography!). As far as I remember they lip-synced during this song, thought the rest of the songs were sung live. Next was How Can I, such a wonderful song. Lately I’ve been loving this song so much and being able to see this song performed live just made me really really happy. The boys sang it beautifully, and I could only go awwwww.

After that, it’s the interview session. The boys were given some questions about Singapore, like the national flower, the official languages and such. Changmin was really cute during the session. I think it was during the national flower question he looked so surprised x) Perhaps he hadn’t expected he would be given that question hahaha. Done with the interview session (sorry but I didn’t really remember the whole questions ...), the boys were back with another song, Before You Go. Uh-oh, I told myself that my heart should be ready for this one! It’s my favourite from HoMin and I knew I would be emotional listening to it live (yes I was!). Not only that, if you know the choreography of the song, you will understand why I should prepare my heart :)) Sexy sexy moves, you know what I mean!

Muscular Changmin!

The heart-throbbing moment finally came, people! The Q&A session! The five of us would ask them questions and they would answer! Whoaaaa, nervous like hell! The other winners asked questions about Singaporean food, their other career as drama actors and new year resolution. My question was ‘What is the best from working with each other and what are the difficulties?’. My turn was the last but the MC was wrong at first and mentioned my name during the second turn. That’s okay, it means TVXQ heard my name twice *grinning*Okay, drum rolls, it’s my turn! The legendary moment hahaha! When the MC introduced me, HoMin greeted and waved at me wawawawawawawa. I greeted them back and told them I’m from Indonesia. And this was the cutest part, Yunho looked surprised, said ‘hoooo’, said ‘hi’ and waved again then he laughed. Not sure why but that sounded extremely cute to my ears x) x) (my sis recorded the moment and I kept playing it only to hear Yunho’s laughter). Yunho's reply to my question was that as the leader, sometimes he feels so stressed out but he’s glad Changmin is always there to help him. I’m sure HoMin shippers’s hearts went boom hearing his answer! I actually wish Changmin would answer it too but too bad there wasn’t enough time for that.

... and gorgeous Yunho

The show continued with a medley of The Way You Are, Mirotic and Rising Sun. I was curious to know how Mirotic, that used to be sung by five voices, was performed by HoMin. It turned out they only sang a little part of it, and Changmin took Yoochun’s rap part. Rising Sun was also grand, and again Changmin sang Yoochun’s parts. Keep Your Head Down was the last song of the night. Such a massive song with a massive effect to all Cassies. This was the song that has shown the world that TVXQ would still stand strong. It was performed amazingly and so perfect to end this huge night for us, Cassies. I was totally in awe.

Have I written about the boys’ looks that night? Both were in sleeveless white shirts that showed off their muscles hahaha. Changmin looked cute cute with his current curly hair and oh my, his legs were really that long! He looked really tall, prolly because of my angle as well. While Yunho *sigh*, he’s that gorgeous, really. Enough said. I couldn’t take my eyes away from him! I’m glad I bought pen B ticket since it’s the side where Yunho was :D It was Changmin who smiled a lot and talked more though, while Yunho was a bit reserved. That’s why it was so nice to hear his usual chuckle when he greeted me 8D (yessss, be jealous with me)! And I still wanna scream out loud everytime I remember those cute eyes of Yunho have met mine! Here I go wawawiwawawawiwa again!

The screen says it all.

Not many pictures were successfully taken since the security guards were really strict about photography and videography. I managed to take some with my mobile phone, but because of the quality some aren’t really clear. But I’m sure you understand, each moment has been recorded well in my mind and heart hahaha.

What’s left from the beautiful Sunday night? Happiness beyond words, added with the feeling of wanting to see them more. It turns out that one-and-a-half hours isn’t enough for me, HoMin. I need to see you guys again, and I’m crossing my fingers I won’t have to wait long for that :)

What a night!

Ps: I’m also praying that I’ll get the chance to see JYJ live. Both sides are similarly precious for me <3

Ps 2: There’s also a session in which the winning videos of fanmade video competition were played. The first one was kinda touching since it refers to DB5K (some fans were sobbing), and the second one was full of pretty illustrations and Changmin-biased (Yunho hardly appears in it).

Ps 3: Thank you for accompanying me, big sis and mba Elda :)
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