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Last week was a busy one for this lecturer. It’s already the third week for this new term and I had to juggle between lecturing, checking assignments (so many of them!) and managing my JJA application. Thankfully I could handle them quite well, even though right after I got home I went nowhere besides my bed. And I still have around twelve weeks to go dealing with this. Argh.

At the same time, it was a fantastic week for my other side of life as a fangirl. Both TVXQ and JYJ released their new albums and my copies have been shipped by Yesasia. Hopefully it’ll arrive this week :) Also, my sister bought me Hard-Fi’s new album when she went to Singapore. Killer Sounds is the third album from these Staines boys and they’re just getting better and better. Their music is rocking, groovy, rich and roaring! Knowing them from the start, I’m proud that they musically have come this far. I’ll try to find time to write a proper review about this album.

And have I told you that I can’t stop listening to JYJ’s You’re? It’s such a beautiful and sweet song sung by beautiful voices. How can I not love these guys? <3

I also had a short trip to Bandung last weekend. It’s supposed to be a place to relieve my stress but man, Bandung was really crowded and it’s not that cold anymore. I stayed at Amaris Hotel in Cihampelas, which was quite comfortable but the area around it, man, it’s packed with people! I dunno, I no longer find Bandung that interesting anymore.

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