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Honestly, the reason I wanted to see the movie is, of course, Han Geng. After quitting from Super Junior, he’s trying hard to pursue his own career by releasing an album, holding his own concert (Geng Xin, which is awesome) and this time, playing in a movie. I might sound biased, but for his first movie, his acting is good! I believe his background as a dancer also contributed the reason why he’s chosen for this role. Despite of Geng’s gorgeous debut, this film is also interesting in its own way, especially because it takes the setting of Chinese classic opera and exposes the intrigues behind it.


The main plot is about the competition between Chinese classic opera performers added with some exciting spices of revenge, love and murder. Besides Geng, Barbie Xu (you know her in Meteor Garden and Wu Chun from Fahrenheit also appear and fit their characters well. Geng plays as Er Kui, a boy saved from a clan murder because he has the talent to be a performer. While Wu Chun plays the confident Yi Long, the opposite of Er Kui who’s more quiet and humble. The two of them come to Shanghai to take a revenge for their teacher. The plot seems cliche, eh? Yet as the story goes, there are some unexpected things I found, and it made me think that this movie doesn’t rely only on Geng and Wuchun’s appearance here. One thing I must underline is the ending, which satisfies me much :)

The setting fascinated me too. Shanghai in the early 20th century is a complex city, the place where East and West meet (although this issue isn’t the main concern in this movie). What’s more interesting is the Chinese opera environment where conflicts emerge. I was in awe looking at the heavy costumes and make-up that they wear. Chinese classic opera is indeed, a true heritage.

If you’re a fan of Han Geng, I’m pretty much sure this movie will give you lots of eye-gasm hahaha. But if you’re not, the quite-surprising story line and the martial art are something that you can always enjoy. I just can’t wait to see what Geng will do next to shine his light. An Asian star in the making :)
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