Jan. 15th, 2012

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Finally, the first post in 2012! I know it’s really late since it’s already the fifteenth day of 2012, but I do have an excuse, people! Due to high fever and headache, I had to stay in bed for three days, including during the new year’s eve. So when people outside were playing fireworks, I had to deal with the sickness -___-‘ Yet I’m totally okay now and could continue working. In fact, my life lately has been occupied by the work. I predict 2012 will be hectic since there are many programs from the department. Well, I’ll consider that as a challenge! I also hope that 2012 will be full of love, adventures and excitement. I don't have any specific resolution though. I'm bad at making that :p

In my last post I wrote that I’m gonna make a special post for my fav albums in 2011. Sadly, I guess the time is no longer right to write a really proper post. I’m just gonna mention them here: TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down, JYJ’s In Heaven, GD and TOP’s Vol 1, The Horrors’s Skying and Hard-Fi’s Killer Sounds. I know GD and TOP’s album was released in 2010, but I did listen to it a lot in 2011 so I included it in the list.


And my new year’s present to myself is TVXQ’s photobook El Sol! Last December I worked hard to finish my translation so I could get the payment and buy the photobook. And when finally it came to my hands, I felt so so happy since my hard work was well paid-off <3 The photos inside are truly gorgeous and it’s great to see Yunho and Changmin enjoying their quality time in Spain :)

Anyway, I gotta go. There are some works to do. Urgh, I wish I had a more awesome reason. Adieu for now.

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